May 2, 2016

World, Meet Baubles & Bowties || Official Launch

We’re here! We’ve taken quite the journey to figure out the perfect combination, but guess what?

We’ve got it… and it’s time to have our official launch. (cue the confetti cannons)

Just another wedding blog? It might seem like it, but we promise it’s not. To give you, the reader, the BEST of the best, we knew we had to shake it up a little and really change how we operated behind-the-scenes. We’re working hand-in-hand with the Preferred Vendors you see in your state. Our reps are in your neighborhood, planning parties, events, and styled shoots to ensure you know without a doubt you’re hiring the best in the business.

We also know our vendors love to be inspired and sometimes that just means gettin’ out of Dodge! The best way we could think to really show you what we strive to be is with this incredible photo shoot that combines the talents of Kentucky, New York and New Jersey, all seamlessly working together to create these beautiful images that are beyond words.


A few of our Kentucky ladies were going to be in NYC for bridal market (you would looooooove Bridal Market… it’s fashion week for all things wedding dresses.) Kentucky definitely has a different vibe than New York City, and our Kentucky girls were looking to shake things up. They love their home state, but sometimes you just need a change of scenery. They reached out to their Kentucky rep, who then contacted our NYC rep and after sharing inspiration back and forth, plans were made. An incredible florist in New Jersey (that bouquet, tho), two dress designers in NYC (girl’s gotta have options), a destination make up artist (those bold lips!) and a beyond fab stationery guru (let’s just throw this out there… those are leather invitations) were set for an epic NYC photo shoot.

We strive to build relationships that cross state borders, so that if you’re planning your wedding in Texas, but you currently live in Michigan, there’s no more worry as to whether or not your vendors are “good.” They’re actually incredible.  Baubles & Bowties is working side-by-side your vendors to ensure the work they’re producing is for amazing clients like you.

We’ve popped the champagne… let’s. do. this!
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This photoshoot was made possible with the help of these incredible vendors:

Photography:  The Malicotes  ||  Dresses:  Hayley Paige  |  Donna Morgan – Both found at Twirl Boutique  ||  Makeup:  Kristin Gray  ||  Stationery:  Five Dot Design  ||  Florals:  Darryn Murphy


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