Work With Us

Five years ago, we decided that we had way too many great ideas to not follow at least one of them. One idea turned to two when we purchased Wedding Row Kentucky and two turned to three when we created Baubles & Bowties. By nature, the two of us are helpers and connectors and we knew, deep down, we could really help wedding vendors flourish in their businesses. We’re wedding vendors, so we know the pain points, kept in close contact with other vendors that would share their experiences and then we would feverishly think of ways to bunk a system that was clearly lopsided. The wedding advertising industry was competing against the very people it was hoping to sign on to their roster and we were going to be different. The past five years have been so much fun for us and as we continued to find ways to grow our businesses, you have filled our hearts with new friendships and connection.

After much discussion & consideration, we have decided to let go of Wedding Row Kentucky and Baubles & Bowties. We hope you understand that this decision was ours. Everything about this crazy adventure has exceeded our expectations, and we’re happy to end it on a high note. Simply put, the timing feels right. We know all the right ways these two businesses need to operate to really take over the wedding industry, but we have decided together that it was time to close this chapter – you know it’s true friendship when you both finally admit to one another that you were holding on to the dream so as to not disappoint the other… and that the other has what it takes to take the businesses on solo and really make it what we dreamed it to be. Kribby is ride or die. Kribby 4 life.

You have made this dream a reality for us and we want to extend our gratitude to you. It has not been an easy process for us to come to terms with, as we truly love the businesses we’ve built and we absolutely LOVE working together. However, we’re not naive… we’ll find another great idea to chase after in the future. You haven’t seen the last of us, but we sure do hope you’ve enjoyed your time with us as much as we’ve enjoyed you.

This is where you come in.

We would love to see someone pick up where we left off and really take the sites, either independently or together, to the level we know they have the potential to reach. We would be available to consult and we would gladly word vomit all the things we had planned : what’s worked, what will work with some fire under it and all the contacts we’ve made. If you think this might be something you would love to be a part of, even if you aren’t quite sure how it could work, we’d love to talk to you.

Email us.