October 29, 2019

Where Do Nomadic Couples Go For Their Honeymoon?

More and more creative professionals are taking the road to explore the world. They call themselves remote experts, flexible freelancers, or even desk travelers. In the eye of the public, they are digital nomads who have decided to make the planet their office environment. Digital nomads, however, don’t always work alone. Many of them have met their soulmate on the road, in an airport, or while visiting a foreign country. Can nomadic couples get married? While planning a wedding can be tricky when your respective relatives live in different places, more and more desk travelers have said “I do” and brought their relationship to the next level.

However, they are faced with a surprising dilemma when they need to decide on the honeymoon. Indeed, in a traditional, location-based relationship, the honeymoon is the perfect excuse to visit distant countries you wouldn’t see otherwise. But when you have built a travel-friendly lifestyle, spending your honeymoon on a tropical island may not be the most exciting destinations. So how do nomadic couples plan their honeymoon trip?

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The first question: Can digital nomads get married?

First of all, it’s important to clarify what a nomadic wedding looks like, compared to the wedding plans of a more traditional non-nomadic couple. The choice of location is the most difficult element of your planning. Ideally, you want a venue that is easily accessible for your respective families. However, when your families don’t live in the same country, the best option for many nomadic couples is to favor the bride’s homeland. It allows the local relatives to be part of the planning and make sure that everything can run smoothly. Alternatively, more and more nomadic couples also choose to elope with a handful of trusted friends or relatives for their wedding, keeping planning to a minimum.

Where do you go for your honeymoon: Everywhere

When you travel the world and change country every few months or years, the choice of a honeymoon destination can be challenging. But instead of investing in a luxury holiday trip, you can use your honeymoon budget to buy a home on wheels, such as hard floor camper trailers for instance. Indeed, a camper can not only act as your vehicle throughout the trip, but it also replaces your accommodation. In other words, your honeymoon trip can take you anywhere. Pack the essential traveling kit and explore the world, waking up to mesmerizing landscapes with your spouse.

Do you need a plan?

While planning a nomadic wedding is a lot of work, the honeymoon plan can be fairly straightforward. When you have a camper, consideration such as budget, accommodation, or even transportation become irrelevant. You can pick a few places you’d like to see to set the course and let the day brings new surprises and experiences. However, it’s good practice to save ahead of your honeymoon so that you can rest for a couple of weeks without worrying about work.

Digital nomad couples have the advantage of traveling and visiting the world as they work. As a result, they often struggle to pick the best honeymoon destination. Therefore, planning for honeymoon transportation can give you more control over the whole experience. A camping van is a fantastic option for freelancers. However, experience sailers can also choose a boat instead.

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