June 27, 2019

What Makes A Wedding Photo Look So Good?

Your wedding is something you want to look back on, whenever you’re feeling the need to reminisce about your romantic life, with a smile on your face and a bit of love in your heart. You want to be able to do so with clarity, and with something concrete in your hands to help trigger your memory. All in all, you want some good photos taken of your wedding day, where you look beautiful and happy, and for the picture in your album to make you feel those things all over again.

But there’s a lot of worry over what makes a good wedding photo. We want the camera to catch us at our best, and we all know what a wedding shot blooper looks like! So, let’s talk a bit about what makes a wedding shot perfectly captured, and hopefully help you to take something of the same quality.

A Good Photographer

Amateur photography is just fine, but when it’s your big day (and hopefully one of the happiest of your life!), you’re going to want to rely on a professional. But not just any professional; you want someone who’s going to share your vision of the big day, who makes you feel comfortable as they direct you behind the camera, and to take some amazing shots to really put the cherry on top.

When you’re looking for a good wedding photographer, there’s a few things to keep in mind. First of all, you want to see their portfolio of recent work, where a wedding or two is hopefully included – websites like perfect moment wedding photography are a good example of what you’re looking for in a search like this. Then you need to check the quality of the shots: do they look clear? Is there a good focus? Are they creative enough for you? Not every photographer will make use of the same methods and effects, or be able to do so, so keep on looking until you’re happy with what you see.

A Happy Couple

Yes, the second ingredient really is as simple as this! A good wedding photo needs a happy couple front center stage, where their love and happiness for each other is clearly present. If you and your partner feel comfortable with each other, the shot someone takes of that little moment is going to look good, no matter what.

Of course, you might have to workshop your poses a little (seeing as we all know our best angles!), but make sure you do what feels right on your big day. And don’t worry if no natural and spontaneous shots come up – all of the best wedding photos out there are staged, with the couple themselves using well practiced poses they decided on months ago!

A good looking wedding photo isn’t as hard to take as you might think! Just make sure you’ve got someone behind the camera who knows what they’re doing, and then let yourselves feel the love as the shutter snaps!

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