August 20, 2019

What Every Groom Needs To Worry About

Let’s face it, weddings are mostly for the bride. The pomp and ceremony is all about the princess finally getting her prince. The show focuses on the bride, the guests all wait for baited breath, and they want to see her enter the church in a beautiful white wedding dress. Does that mean you’re just a showpiece? Absolutely not! You need to think about what you’re going to look like, what your posture will be, your tone of voice and present confident body language. The groom plays the second most important role, you are there to greet and welcome the bride on the top step of the ceremonial stairs. But before all this can occur, you need to worry about getting a few things right.

Make it shine

Every groom needs to have sparkling shoes. Polish and scrub like you’ve never done before. Of all moments in your life, no job interview or conference speech will ever warrant a good shoe shine than on your wedding day. Make sure you know exactly what kind of material your chosen wedding shoes are made out of. Different leathers and grades don’t all react to polish and wax the same. Learn how to give your shoes an extreme shine so it’s one of the first things guests notice. Very clean and shiny shoes are a mark of a finely groomed man, so as the groom you should live up to expectations.

In good luxurious hands

Wedding suits should have an air of history about them. You can see in any wedding magazine, that the traditional and classic wedding is by far the most popular choice. The groom must have a long-tail suit, a slim fit waistcoat and exquisite taste in accessories such as pocket squares, buttonholes, cufflinks, ties and watch. Firstly, look at these custom made mens suits from Canali. They have 85 years of history, a reputation for making some of the most luxurious suits in all of Italy and their tailors use sharp modern designs. They’re a family-run business which means they are a niche product manufacturer. If you’re looking for a unique suit for your wedding, this kind of foundation is a good place to start.

Over and over again

Don’t worry about the best man speech, you need to focus on your own speech. The bride and groom both give their own speech after everyone else. But it’s no less important, you need to practice your words over and over again. Make sure you really mean what you say, because you may forget words you don’t really feel from the heart. If it’s a subject or moment in your relationship you really care about, the words will feel natural as all eyes are on you. Practice in the mirror and in front of some of the close friends, family and guests that will be there at the table.

Every groom has his role to play in the wedding that constitutes more than just saying ‘I do’. Make sure your shoes are buffed to a clear and strong shine, wear a suit that fits you snugly along with a waistcoat and practice your speech well beforehand.

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