May 10, 2019

Wedding Aspects That Set The Mood The Most

Everybody freaks out about control of their wedding. They want their day to go exactly as they have planned so it’s little wonder that there’s lots of advice on how you can set the mood and tone. On the day, it will come to fruition whether or not you have achieved your goal of having your dream wedding, but it doesn’t have to wait until then. You can always have a mockup day whereby you try various themes, decor, music, food and clothes to see which one you most prefer. But even before this, you should at least be wary of what the most important things are for creating the atmosphere to begin with.

The decor color scheme

The most widely reviewed and viewed thing about your wedding will be the color scheme. It’s the first thing that your guests will see and judge. The decor needs to be included in the scheme fully, and not just left as an afterthought. For example, if you have chosen white flowers as the centerpiece for the tables and white candles, then maybe you should find a matching tone for the table and chairs. It could be white too, but that would create a more bland style. Royal blue goes brilliantly with pearl white. And how about the table cloth? Will that match the furniture or the flowers and candles? The decor color scheme will be the overriding factor that sets the theme for the wedding.

Pristine or more personal?

There’s always a debate about what is more powerful, the country, the location or the venue. Well, you can make a case for all three but it doesn’t matter how great the location if the venue isn’t to your liking. Don’t forget most of the time you’ll be indoors so you need a place in which you would feel comfortable. That’s why more unique venues for weddings are being chosen by modern couples than the classic church and beach styles. You have the ability to have a wedding inside a university hall, an opera theater, an old manor house, a concert hall, a resort and spa and a stadium to name a few. These venues that were once perhaps only for the rich and famous, are being marketed towards affluent couples that really want their venue to be pristine and or personal.

Mood music

There’s a reason why there’s a descriptive term of ‘mood music’ because just the right song can change the atmosphere of the whole room. Choosing the right kind of music for your reception, the ceremony and of course the party afterwards is more than paramount for achieving the right tone of your wedding. The best advice is to go with music that is more traditional during the ceremony but be more free with what you like for the reception and the party. For the party, don’t just choose music you only like but perhaps what other people would like too.

For music, a mixture of the classics and the contemporary is a good idea, that way you give a little bit of what everyone likes. Be mindful of the decor but also of the color scheme you choose.


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