August 2, 2021

Top 3 Locations For An Outdoor Wedding

When the weather agrees with you, an outdoor wedding can be exceptional. The scenery all around you will amplify what is already a very special day. Indoor weddings aren’t bad, but there’s something extra amazing about getting married outside. It just feels more natural and free, and everyone seems to be a lot happier when they’re outside as well.

Where are the best places to get married outdoors? We aren’t going to list specific locations as that doesn’t make much sense. We have readers from all over the place come to our blog, so pinpointing locations that could be in a different country to yours would be pointless. Instead, we’ll identify the best general locations for an outdoor wedding, so you can go and find the top venues in your area.

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By the beach

Getting married by the bean is a brilliant idea as you have the stunning backdrop of the ocean behind you. There’s also a great chance the weather will be hot at a beach, and it lets you choose some interesting wedding day themes as well. Obviously, you need to ensure you set everything up a good distance away from the tide. Having some wind blockers pitched up around the place where you’re getting married can help if the weather takes a turn.

In the mountains

Okay, we don’t literally mean hiking up a mountain to get married! Instead, we’re on about hilly locations that could overlook fields or provide you with a mountain backdrop. If you look here: https://www.laurelridgeexperience.com/weddings/mountain-wedding-venue, you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. You get married outdoors with views over rolling hills and tall mountains in the background. It’s a brilliant option for stunning wedding photos, and it doesn’t tend to be that windy out in the mountains. There’s certainly more of a rustic feel to this that you can enhance with your wedding theme.

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In the fields

Alternatively, if mountains aren’t your thing, you can get married in a field. Now, this doesn’t sound the most romantic, but you can easily find wedding venues in stunning fields or vineyards near you. They will usually be on private land, meaning the owners have set the fields up to be perfect wedding spots. Again, you have nature all around you, plants growing nearby, and it’s a very beautiful setting for photos. In some cases, you can have the ceremony and reception out in the same field. There are these giant teepees that you can hire to hold your reception, letting you remain outdoors until late at night. It’s a fantastic rural experience that might be perfect for you.

You’ve seen our ideas, and now you can go and find any venues or locations in your area that align with these. One thing to note is that you have to create contingency plans for outdoor weddings. You won’t know for sure how the weather will be until the day itself. So, make sure plans are in place to deal with any wind or rain if the worst happens.

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