July 30, 2020

The Benefits Of Smaller, Focused Weddings

Let us preface this article by first stating that if your wish is for a massive, celebratory, revelatory wedding, one with a huge venue and a guest list in the hundreds – that’s more than your right. Everyone deserves their dream wedding, and you are neither better or worse if you select this or something smaller. However, for the purposes of this article, we hope to list some benefits that a smaller, focused wedding can provide you.

After all, not everyone has dreams of making the most of their wedding through scale alone. There are many elements that can combine and create a beautiful, memorable wedding, and sometimes, keeping things more focused can help you see that more clearly.

Yet aside from the obvious examples such as expense (which isn’t a perfect metric to begin with, as sometimes the entertainment can cost more than a large venue), what benefits are you likely to see by keeping your special day a little smaller and more refined in scope? Let’s explore that topic, together:

Easier Invite Lists

Curating an invite list can be a difficult process. It’s hard not to invite people you know, even if you don’t think they’d be a good match to come to your wedding. For instance, you might have sat next to a co-worker for the last two years, but do you really know them? Enough to bring them next to your family and enough to let them witness your special moment? For some people, that would be a ‘yes’ – and that’s great. For others, well, let us just say that an easier invite list that is smaller, focused and prioritized can help you forgo these tough decisions.

Renewed Time & Energies

When you plan for a smaller wedding, you have more time, energy and sometimes budget to invest in the things that are important to you. For instance, you can truly go for higher-quality flower girl dresses that are themed and wonderful as opposed to purchasing more, lesser-quality options in mind of your budget. But more than that, the time you have to inspect, and enjoy, and test these options can help you truly come to a result you feel proud of – rather than feeling forced to make a snappy decision.

Have Fun Planning!

Why not have fun planning? Make the most of it! Perhaps when searching for your perfect cake, you can spend a morning eating cake in a local bakery, too. Maybe you’ll have fun trying on different wedding dresses with your parent. Perhaps you’ll find it amazing to schedule a trip away to check on different wedding venues with your partner, knowing that this is the environment you wish to get married in. Planning is not a military operation, even though it does need to be organized tightly. If you’re not having fun – something is off, and it’s worth going back to the drawing board.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily focus on the benefits of smaller, focused weddings.

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