November 16, 2017

Shake Your Bootie || AKT In Motion

The change of season usually stifles motivation, especially when it comes to working out. Not to mention that the holidays are approaching us at a rapid speed and the dreaded New Year’s Resolution. We asked Emily Mara to show us a few moves from her AKT in Motion program  we can do in the comfort of our own living rooms… because let’s be honest. The gym doesn’t always so appealing in frigid temps.The Holidays are definitely one of my favorite times of year, especially since New York City turns into a magical fairytale where every street is filled with music, shimmering lights and festive, wintery decorations. It’s also a time where there’s an abundance of food, family, wine, work parties, friends, traditions, food, desert, presents, did I mention food? You get the point. Food and temptation is EVERYWHERE for the last two months of the year. Staying on track is particularly difficult so I’ve put together some suggestions and workout tips to try and help keep you motivated during this time of temptation and cold.

This year, I’ve encouraged my clients to do things a little differently and get a head start on their New Year’s Resolutions and avoid that post-holiday remorse. I’m challenging you to do the same! Jump into December like it’s January and pick up (or start) your workout regimen now. Instead of beginning a diet that will only frustrate you during all the celebrating, try to add in some extra workouts to counteract the end-of-the-year indulgences.

Proactive instead of Reactive, friends!

The below are some of my favorite fat-blasting moves to help counteract the holiday treats.

All you need is yourself and two small towels (can also be done without the towels if you don’t have a floor that you can slide on).

Perform each of these exercises for 30 seconds each.
Once you go through all four exercises repeat the series 3x.

Six minutes, guys! That’s all you need!

Exercise 1 : Jump squat with arm extension
Start with your feet together, jump into a squat position reaching one arm to the opposite foot (keeping your spine in neutral). Then jump your feet back together and repeat reaching to the opposite side. Targets booty, inner thighs and back.
Tip: In your squat make sure to hinge your hips back and keep your heels driving into the floor.

Exercise 2 – Sliding mountain climbers
Grab some sliders or two small kitchen/bath towels and place them under your feet. Get into plank position and start mountain climbing while trying to keep your butt low and pulling your knees into your chest. If you don’t have towels with you simply do regular mountain climbers. Targets arms, shoulders, and abs.
Tip: press your shoulders away from your ears and pull your keeps deep into your chest.

Exercise 3 – Walking plank.
Keeping your feet on the hand towels lower your right arm down to your forearm and then the left. Then walk yourself back into plank by placing your right hand directly in line with your right shoulder and then your left. Do 8 leading with your right hand and then 8 leading with the left. Targets your abs, shoulders and arms.
Tip: Squeeze your glutes as tight as you can and try to keep your hips from swinging side to side.

Exercise 4- Skaters.
Come into a cutsie lunge on your right side, then leap laterally to the other side and land an a custie lunge on your left. Make sure to bend your knees as you land, keep your spine in neutral and drive heel of the leading leg into the floor in your landing. Targets your inner thighs, glutes, obliques and core.
Tip: Use your arms! When leaping to the right reach your left arm to the floor, this requires a slight rotation through your trunk which helps to activate your obliques and core. Be sure to keep your spine in neutral.

Live in NYC?
Come workout with me at AKT in Motion to burn off the holiday party cookies under our disco ball!

The AKT program, developed by international fitness expert, Anna Kaiser, is a ground-breaking fitness technique rooted in functional training. AKT combines circuit training, HIIT, strength, toning, dance cardio, Pilates, and yoga. The AKTechnique is unique, in that its curriculum is ever-changing. We change our class content every 2-4 weeks to keep your muscles guessing, ensure you never plateau, and bring you the best of fitness. You will see results you never thought were possible. Over 800 clients per week, including Kelly Ripa, Shakira, and Karlie Kloss, stay in shape with AKT’s 360 degree lifestyle program. AKT has been featured in Vogue, Self, Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, and their digital counterparts, as THE workout to get you in shape. Studio locations include NYC, Hamptons, LA and CT.

Sign up for class with me in NYC at www.aktinmotion.com. If you don’t live by one of our studios check us out ON DEMAND for a free trial where we offer countless workouts anywhere, anytime https://aktinmotion.com/on-demand/ – x Emily

Big thank you to Emily Mara for these amazing workout moves!

Emily Mara, a native of Stowe, VT has been a part of the AKT trainer team since April of 2013. Prior to AKT she received a BFA in Musical Theater from the University of Central Florida and spent the last few years singing and dancing in regional theater productions.  She moved to New York from Los Angeles where she first started to integrate her performing life with her love and passion for fitness. While in LA she became an AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor on top of getting her Zumba certification.

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