April 1, 2019

Saving For Your Dream Wedding

Your wedding is likely to be the priciest party you throw in your entire life. It’s easy to say that you’ll find ways to reduce expenses and stick to your budget, but, with most weddings costing no less than tens of thousands, paying for it is still sure to be an overwhelming task. This is why many couples choose to borrow to fund their big day. Rather than enter into marriage with a huge debt looming over you, here are six ways you can save up for your dream wedding day.

  1. Change How You Shop

Whenever you need to go shopping, make sure that you spend time writing a list before you head to the store. This will help you to watch what you spend and keep you from making any impulse purchases. You should also apply for loyalty cards in the shops that you most frequently visit. This will allow you to earn points, and therefore money off, without spending any extra cash.

  1. Switch To Cheaper Plans

We all have bills that need paying each and every month. When you have one or more on a subscription, you could try switching to a less costly plan. You could look for the cheapest phone plans, for example, or ditch cable and pay for a streaming service instead. You could also cancel your monthly gym membership and instead workout at a community center or even at home.

  1. Cut Out Unnecessary Purchases

Once you’ve started to cut down your bills, you’ll find that there are many other purchases that you can live without. Your morning coffee and meals out are just two common examples. If you decide to leave your car at home and instead travel to work by public transport, you’ll also save on fuel, maintenance, and insurance. If this isn’t an option, try car sharing to halve the costs.

  1. Ditch Any Bad Habits

When you’re trying to save up for your wedding, the last thing that you should be doing is wasting money on things that could harm your health. Not only will it cost you cash now, but it can also result in expensive medical bills later. Smoking, excessive drinking, and unhealthy eating are just a few habits you should avoid. There is lots of support out there to help you quit these problems.

  1. Sell What You Can

Don’t begin married life with a house full of junk. Instead, spend some time decluttering the place and sell the stuff you no longer want or need. From exercise equipment to old books, and even broken computers, you can get rid of almost anything online, often for a fair price. If there’s anything that you’re struggling to sell, some places will pay for the job of recycling it themselves.

  1. Work An Extra Job

Planning a wedding is a time-consuming job, but, if you have a few spare hours each week, you could dedicate them to earning some extra money. You have many options when it comes to part-time work, including anything bartending and waitressing to writing your own blog. Working in a store could be a good option, as you may get a discount on things you need for your big day.

Saving for a wedding is a tough job, but, hopefully, with these tips, you’ll find it a little easier.

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