April 8, 2019

Planning The Perfect Proposal

Popping the question can be an exciting and nerve-wracking moment. You’re ready to make your relationship official and put a ring on it, but how do you make such an occasion romantic and memorable? Here are just some of the vital factors to consider that will help your proposal to be the special moment you want it to be.

Finding an engagement ring

You can propose without a ring, but a lot of people prefer to do it the traditional way. Buying the perfect ring may require saving up some money, so leave yourself enough time before making any proposal plans.

Finding the right style of ring can be the hardest part. In order to get hints, you could try visiting some jewellers together. Alternatively, you may be able to get one of your partner’s friends to do some prying for you.

Once you know the style you’re looking for, do some research into rings. Buying a ring online can be cheaper and may even allow you to customise your ring – companies like Glamira allow you to do this. When customising a ring, factor in the time it could take to make the ring. Understanding elements such as cut and carat can help when choosing the right diamond.

Don’t get too worried about buying a ring in the wrong size. Many jewellers will be able to resize the ring for free if it isn’t the right fit. Consider whether your partner owns any rings already – these may be able to help when finding the right size if you want it to be perfect first time.

Choosing the perfect location

Next you should consider where you’re going to propose. You may decide to propose in the spur of the moment when the romantic occasion rises, however you may still want to consider some factors such as whether to make it a public moment or a private moment.

Choosing to propose in public can be riskier – you need to be certain that they’re going to say yes and not because they feel pressured to do so. There’s also the possibility that other people could ruin your moment. That said, it could be a way of declaring your love to the world and if they’re the type of persona that loves PDA, they may find it very romantic.

You may wish to propose in a special place such as on a romantic break or in a restaurant. You could even revisit the place you first dated. That said, there’s nothing wrong with proposing at home – you may be able to set the scene with candles and possibly even cook a surprise meal.

Keeping it a surprise

Most people want the proposal to be surprise. Keeping it a surprise can be difficult in some cases – if you’re not usually the romantic type, planning a surprise meal at a high class restaurant from where you hope to propose could seem a bit suspicious.

Consider whether you need a decoy strategy to throw your partner of the scent. This could involve telling your partner that you have a family event planned (telling them ahead could also make sure that they keep this date free).

You may also consider telling other people such as friends or family members in advance so that they can tell the same cover story. Just be careful as to who you tell though – if someone is known for not being able to keep things secret, it’s probably best not to tell them.

Popping the question

A lot of people don’t actually consider the proposal itself. Before asking the question, you may want to plan a speech or some kind of way of leading onto the question. You may even find a creative way of popping the question such as hanging up a banner in a strategic place as found at a site such as Shindigz.

We’re engaged? What now?

What happens after the proposal is also important and potentially worth planning for. Planning an activity after can help you to enjoy the romantic moment together. This could include going for a meal or having some fun activity such as a hot air balloon ride or a theatre trip. These activities could also be kept a surprise.

You may decide to capture the moment by planning an engagement photoshoot afterwards. There are photographers that specialise in proposal shoots such as this Vittore Buzzi photographer. You may not want them to be around for the actual proposal (you can always recapture it afterwards).

Another option could be to celebrate the event with friends and family. You may decide to make it a private proposal and then celebrate after with a public party – this way the proposal itself is still an intimate moment and your partner doesn’t have to feel pressured. The public party could be kept a secret resulting in an extra surprise.

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