August 16, 2021

Personal Touches To Consider For Your Wedding

A wedding is a day for the special couple to celebrate their love and life together. It is a personal moment that is not only shared among the couple but also their closest friends and families. Adding personal touches to your wedding is a great way to enhance the intimacy and uniqueness of the big day. If you are stuck for inspiration on how to personalize your wedding to add that special touch, here are some options to consider.

Image by Tú Anh from Pixabay

Wedding favors

Wedding favors are a great way to thank your guests and allow them to remember the special day after the event.

A great idea for wedding favors is personalized treats. These show your guests that you have spent time and thought on their gift and add a nice touch to show guests how much you appreciate them. For instance, you could give your guests personalized chocolate bars or personal notes for them to take home.

Professional photography 

Getting your wedding photos taken by a professional will ensure that you have beautiful pictures to display and look at after your wedding.

Instead of relying on friends and family to take photos, you will guarantee to have captured the most intimate and best memories.

Add a monogram to your outfit

Every couple has a special wedding outfit that reflects their personality and purity. Adding a monogram to your outfit is a special touch for you to remember the day forever.

You will likely want to hold onto your wedding outfit forever. Thus, adding your own special touch won’t hinder its value. Instead, it will add value and mean that your outfit is totally unique.

Create your own wedding stamp

You could use the monogram to add to your wedding invitations and decor. It is a nice touch to add a personalized wedding stamp to your invites.

You could also add this stamp to your placemats, photos, wedding favors, or anything else that you want to personalize.

Custom playlist

At your wedding party, you will want to play some tunes and get everyone dancing. Adding a personal touch to your wedding could involve creating your own custom playlist of your and your partner’s favorite songs.

You could add fun songs or romantic songs depending on your favorites. Or, use a mix of both to create different atmospheres throughout the night.

Ask for song requests

On the topic of music, it is a nice idea to ask for song requests from your guests to help them feel involved.

You should ask for song requests before the wedding so that the DJ can prepare them for the big day.

Create your own drinks

Although an open bar stocked full of common drinks is a nice idea, it is an even better idea to create your own drinks.

You could create a cocktail reflecting your and your partner’s favorite flavors to offer out when guests arrive. Then, you could create your own drinks list involving cocktails, fun beers, unusual wines, and mocktails.

Handwritten vows

A backdrop while you and your partner are saying your vows is a special way to make the moment more intimate and personal.

You and your partner could write your vows on a long scroll and display them at the alter so that guests can view them while they are being said.

Customer wedding cake toppers

Every wedding involves a cake or some type of sweet treat to cut. Topping this with a custom topper that looks just like you and your partner is a nice personal touch.

Or, you could add your names or a favorite thing of yours and your partner’s to make it unique.

Unique centerpieces

In the middle of your dining tables are centerpieces. Although some people like to keep it simple with flowers, you don’t have to. You could personalize yours to add a personal touch.

You could add pictures of you, your favorite drinks, or something that reflects your personality. It is a nice way to decorate your venue and add a personal touch to your wedding meal.

Seating cards

Speaking of the wedding dinner, you will want to make a seating plan to organize where people will sit.

Personalizing the seating cards is a nice way to make your guests feel involved and appreciated. You could add their names or go the extra mile and add a funny picture of them to reflect your best memories with them. It will make them laugh and act as a topic of conversation for the guests around the table.

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