October 23, 2017

The Perfect Dinner Party || Harbour Trading

With a million holidays right around the corner, we caught up with one of our favorites, Alexis Goldsmith with Harbour Trading, and asked her what the key points are in hosting the PERFECT dinner party. 

1- Drinks – Pairing’s Important

What your guests are sipping can play a big part in the overall taste of their meal.  Wine pairings are both a science and an art!!

2- Food- Showcase the Star

Don’t make yourself crazy with dozens of menu options. Pick one delicious entree to highlight for the night and compliment with super simple sides and appetizers

3- Ambiance- Don’t Forget Activities

A good game truly brings a dinner party together.  Have a plan post-meal to keep your guests entertained.

If you’ve never heard of Harbour Trading before, let us school you for a minute.  There are meal delivery services and then there are MEAL DELIVERY SERVICES.  Harbour Trading, they are definitely the latter.  Harbour Trading Co. is dedicated to bringing you sustainable, wild “Fresh Catch” caught by captains and fishermen in the United States. They have worked together to develop a transparent, sustainable process in order to put the freshest fish possible on your table with the lowest impact on our environment. They are passionate about fish and our relationship with the ocean and it shows.

How many other companies actually introduce you to the captains who caught the food??? How many other companies allow you to track where exactly your food was caught and who caught it!! What?! Fish TraxTM was developed by fishermen and scientists and evolved to become an important tool for consumers who want to know more about the seafood they eat. With Fish Trax, you can trace from where in the United States your fish came and who caught it. Together with Fish Trax, Harbour Trading is ensuring the sustainability of fish and you will find a QR code on each Harbour Trading Co. recipe card.

Photography: Bilimama Photography

To learn a little bit more about Harbour Trading and it’s founder, David Goldsmith, check out this awesome video :

Not only is their food fresh, delicious and all caught, produced and shipped in the US, the boxes they arrive in are perfection. So, next time you’re in charge of hosting an event, shoot them and email with your event deets, wait for your box to arrive and sit back and relax. You’ll be SO happy you did. Like, maybe even give yourself a pat on the back, so happy you did.

Photography: Styled Snapshots

PS- this is NOT a paid endorsement. We just LOVE sharing our favorites with our readers.

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