July 30, 2020

The Benefits Of Smaller, Focused Weddings

Let us preface this article by first stating that if your wish is for a massive, celebratory, revelatory wedding, one with a huge venue and a guest list in the hundreds – that’s more than your right. Everyone deserves their dream wedding, and you are neither better or worse if you select this or something smaller. However, for the purposes of this article, we hope to list some benefits that a smaller, focused wedding can provide you.

After all, not everyone has dreams of making the most of their wedding through scale alone. There are many elements that can combine and create a beautiful, memorable wedding, and sometimes, keeping things more focused can help you see that more clearly.

Yet aside from the obvious examples such as expense (which isn’t a perfect metric to begin with, as sometimes the entertainment can cost more than a large venue), what benefits are you likely to see by keeping your special day a little smaller and more refined in scope? Let’s explore that topic, together:

Easier Invite Lists

Curating an invite list can be a difficult process. It’s hard not to invite people you know, even if you don’t think they’d be a good match to come to your wedding. For instance, you might have sat next to a co-worker for the last two years, but do you really know them? Enough to bring them next to your family and enough to let them witness your special moment? For some people, that would be a ‘yes’ – and that’s great. For others, well, let us just say that an easier invite list that is smaller, focused and prioritized can help you forgo these tough decisions.

Renewed Time & Energies

When you plan for a smaller wedding, you have more time, energy and sometimes budget to invest in the things that are important to you. For instance, you can truly go for higher-quality flower girl dresses that are themed and wonderful as opposed to purchasing more, lesser-quality options in mind of your budget. But more than that, the time you have to inspect, and enjoy, and test these options can help you truly come to a result you feel proud of – rather than feeling forced to make a snappy decision.

Have Fun Planning!

Why not have fun planning? Make the most of it! Perhaps when searching for your perfect cake, you can spend a morning eating cake in a local bakery, too. Maybe you’ll have fun trying on different wedding dresses with your parent. Perhaps you’ll find it amazing to schedule a trip away to check on different wedding venues with your partner, knowing that this is the environment you wish to get married in. Planning is not a military operation, even though it does need to be organized tightly. If you’re not having fun – something is off, and it’s worth going back to the drawing board.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily focus on the benefits of smaller, focused weddings.

July 20, 2020

Are Silk Wedding Flowers A Good Idea?

Most women have imagined walking down the aisle numerous times. We picture what our dress will look like, how we will wear our hair, what our makeup will be like, and what bouquet of flowers we will be holding. However, it is not until the big day gets closer that we begin to think about the more practical aspects, such as whether to opt for fresh or silk flower bouquets.

You don’t want to realize that you have made the wrong decision once you are walking down the aisle, but this can often happen when people buy fresh flower bouquets, as it can make the bride sneeze due to an allergy. It is not worth the risk! Plus, we’ve seen many beautiful flower girl dresses ruined because fresh flowers have had little girls sneezing all over their clothes!

One of the great things about a silk flower bouquet is the fact that it is something you will be able to keep and cherish for life. A lot of people keep their wedding dress. However, this is something that is likely to be out of sight in the back of your wardrobe. With your bridal bouquet, you will be able to display it within the home, and so you can look at it every day. This will remind you of the special moment, and you will be able to look back on it with fondness. If you were to purchase a fresh flower bouquet, it is unlikely that it would last more than a couple of days after your wedding.

There are many other benefits associated with silk flower bouquets as well. For example, there will be no restrictions in terms of the type of bouquet you can have. Do you want to go for the classic white and green combination? Or, do you want something more unique and contemporary? The choice is yours. You don’t have to worry about what flowers are in season, and silk bouquets tend to be a lot more creative too, so you will certainly have fun looking through the different options that are available. They say that planning a wedding is stressful, but this is part of the process that will not be.

If you are struggling to decide on the type of bouquet you want to walk down the aisle with, you may wish to take inspiration from some of the celebrity flower bridal bouquets that have been admired over the years. Of course, you may not have the bank balance of someone who is rich and famous, but you can use their ideas to find something similar.

Let’s begin with Kate Moss – one of the most well-known faces in fashion. She stuck to one of the most famous phrases, ‘less is more’, with her bouquet, which featured several white roses with a soft pink garden rose in the center. It was an understated yet undeniably romantic bouquet.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have Carrie Underwood, who went for something more abundant. Her bouquet consisted of yellow, white, and pink peonies. They were carefully placed to create a cool ombre effect.

Blake Lively went for an elegant yet lavish silk flower bouquet, which consisted of blushing bride hydrangea, dusty miller, Andromeda, and pink jasmine. Some of the petals were subtly dipped into rose-gold glitter for a stunning effect.

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks opted for something more natural and wild, with a bouquet of herbs and camellia.

Last but not least, how can we mention weddings without talking about Princess Diana? She carried a stunning and dramatic bouquet of cascading white orchids.

June 23, 2020

6 Incredible Celebrity Engagement Rings

From luxury cars to decadent mansions, celebrities are known to have a lavish taste with their lifestyles for products that are not easily attained by the general public. For those who are heading down the aisle, their engagement rings are often the most expensive jewelry piece that they own for a look that stands out and represents their love. Although there are often many carats involved with celebrity engagement rings, it is often their unique style and design that impresses. Although some of the engagements below may not have worked out, the engagement rings are still worth drooling over.

Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde’s round diamond engagement ring from Jason Sudeikis stands out simply due to the emerald green halo that frames the sparkler. It’s a unique choice that is still modern and sophisticated without looking too similar to other styles on the market. The ring is an ideal size for a lovely look that doesn’t look overbearing. You can read up on where to buy VVS Diamonds if you are interested in a ring like this.

Scarlett Johansson
Known as an engagement ring that truly dazzles, Scarlett Johansson’s diamond ring is classic and includes a number of details. With three diamonds centered in the middle of the piece with smaller diamonds that are set on the sides, it has an Art Deco style that is unique and stands out among modern designs.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring from Brad Pitt offers a timeless and classic style that was crafted by one of the most popular diamond ring designers, Robert Procop. The finest diamonds were chosen and cut to fit Jolie’s hand perfectly with slim rectangle shapes that cascade around the finger. Although the five-star style is expensive, it still stands out among other cuts that are seen on celebrities.

Elizabeth Hurley
Most engagement rings are void of any color, but Elizabeth Hurley’s jewelry item features a square-cut sapphire that is timeless and doesn’t follow the latest trends. It’s a moderate size that includes two trillion-cut white diamonds on the sides for a gorgeous look that is one of a kind.

Ashlee Simpson
Perhaps one of the boldest engagement ring designs among celebrities, Ashlee Simpson’s ruby red and gold ring offers a vintage style that is eclectic and large in size. Few would guess that Neil Lane designed the custom-made jewelry piece for a unique look that Evan Ross felt would capture her edgy taste.

Kelly Clarkson
When Kelly Clarkson became engaged to Brandon Blackstock in 2012, one of the most talked-about features was her lavish yellow engagement ring. The singer wasn’t afraid to gush about her yellow canary diamond, which was designed by Johnathon Arndt. Massive in size, it also includes small diamonds that frame the large gem.

Which engagement ring is your favorite? Would you like a luxurious yellow ring like Kelly Clarkson? Or would you prefer something more timeless, such as the one worn by Liz Hurley?

June 11, 2020

Everything You Need To Know About Getting Engaged

Getting engaged is something that most of us tend to do regularly throughout our lives. That means the people that are getting engaged to one another, often know very little about what to expect. The good news is you can find out all about the most critical aspect of getting engaged in our guide below. Read on to find out more.

You can talk about it beforehand 

We often think of engagement as a surprise event initiated by the man for the woman. However, it’s important to remember that we are in the 21st century here, and the old traditions don’t have to hold.

With that in mind, most couples thoroughly discuss both getting married and getting engaged before there is even a hint of a proposal. A good idea because getting engaged in this way makes sure you both know what to expect from the other in the short and long term. Additionally, it ensures that both partners are equal in the decision to make that life long commitment.

You can choose the ring together 

Again, in the perfect vision of a traditional engagement, we see the man produce a sparkling ring for the woman. Of course, the engagement ring remains an important symbol of commitment for both parties, in terms of financial investment and declaration of love.

However, do remember that it is acceptable to propose without a ring, or choose a cheap place holder so you can both go and choose a ring together.

Many couples do indeed go for this option because it will guarantee that the person receiving the ring will be pleased with the choice. After all, there are so many different diamond rings and settings from which to pick. You’ll need the input of the person that will be wearing it.

Additionally, once again, by choosing the ring together, the process of engagement is less traditional and more equal between the parties involved.

You can have a party, if you want 

Engagement parties are a thing! They usually involved getting together with family and friends and celebrating the couple and their forthcoming marriage. The thing is, you don’t actually have to have one if you don’t want one. A wedding is expensive after all, and spending money on a considerable party before the big day can seem a little wasteful to a lot of couples.

Then you get the situations where couples are cajoled into having an engagement party, by their relatives who throw and pay for it for them. Just remember that if you rather do something more low-key, you are totally within your rights to say so.

People will want you to set a date ASAP (But you don’t have to)

Finally, when it comes to engagements and familial pressure, watch out for people that want to know the date of your wedding ASAP. Yes, they will ask, lots, but it is OK to say that you don’t know that you want a long engagement, if you rather. After all, your engagement is about you and your spouse to be, and no one else!

May 4, 2020

Nosh Citizen – From Her Home to Your Belly

Hey! Covid-19 world! Who’s tired of being stuck in their homes? Who has put on the now infamous Covid 15? Who is counting down the days till our “new normal” can start but SO thankful to be alive and healthy? Me. Me. & Me. Like most everyone else, I have been trying out new recipes but sadly failing.. ( I am an awful cook ) .. then my love, Carolina Rodman ( aka Nosh Citizen ) came in and saved the day.  The stunning Le Cordon Bleu trained mother of almost two babies is my new favorite when it comes to Instagram foodies. Ask my husband… my chicken cutlet is legit and he’s from NJ so he knows a chicken cutlet.

Since we are bringing back this little blog of ours, I knew Carolina was one we wanted to feature. She is stunning inside and out, knows her *ish and is constantly updating her social media and blog with incredible treats that are sure to wow you and your family during these stuck at home times.  My family seems to think my drinking is getting a little out of control and to that I say – get ready for an incredible margarita recipe which I will be enjoying today because its CINCO de MAYO and you can go …. you know what!!!!!

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