April 12, 2017

Omoleye + Justin || Everyday Love Story

Real life stories happen everyday and normal situations may change your life forever. Omoleye and Justin’s story starts out at the most normal of places; they ran into each other at the grocery store line in Philadelphia. Omoleye had just relocated to Philly, which is Justin’s home town. He mentioned the name of his gym to her during their small talk and they parted ways as the line progressed. A few days later, Omoleye found herself near the gym Justin had mentioned. It just so happened Omoleye ran into Justin again inside! Justin asked Omoleye to join him out that weekend and the two enjoyed live jazz in the city. From that moment on the two were inseparable.

Five years later their story continued as they made Atlanta their new home. Justin caught Omoleye by surprise when he proposed in downtown Atlanta. He misled her under the guise of meeting a friend to pick up tickets to a comedy show. They stopped near SkyView, a grande ferris wheel overlooking downtown. His friend was running late so Justin suggested they ride it for the first time. They hopped on and experienced the amazing views of the city.

Since it was pretty warm after the ride, Omoleye insisted they rush back to the car. Justin asked to please take one picture and gave his phone to a SkyView associate to take one in front of the ferris wheel. Just as Omoleye started to ask about returning to the car, Justin grabbed her hand, got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. The SkyView associate began to record a video with Justin’s phone and take more pics to capture their special moment! She was so shocked and felt guilty about her haste to get out of the heat. Thankfully, Justin was patient and didn’t let her mood keep him from getting his well deserved Yes!

We love that their engagement photos are of them doing everyday life things. Walking around Marietta Square, attending the farmers market – these are just a few things that make up normal life and tie into their love story of meeting in an everyday situation. These images capture them so well.

Omoleye and Justin’s love story will continue this spring at their wedding. Their photographer, Aline Marin, cannot wait to capture all the beauty that their wedding day will be this year. They chose a theme of Romantic Rustic meets Modern City. The location is remote with a fresh water spring and tranquil natural setting. The open stone pavilion will provide a rustic backdrop for dark navy, romantic peach & blush matched with a cream base with modern gold accents.

Everyday Love Story Love Story Unfolding Marietta Square Engagement Forever Love Story


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Photographer:  Aline Marin Photography  ||  Location: Marietta Square

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