May 4, 2020

Nosh Citizen – From Her Home to Your Belly

Hey! Covid-19 world! Who’s tired of being stuck in their homes? Who has put on the now infamous Covid 15? Who is counting down the days till our “new normal” can start but SO thankful to be alive and healthy? Me. Me. & Me. Like most everyone else, I have been trying out new recipes but sadly failing.. ( I am an awful cook ) .. then my love, Carolina Rodman ( aka Nosh Citizen ) came in and saved the day.  The stunning Le Cordon Bleu trained mother of almost two babies is my new favorite when it comes to Instagram foodies. Ask my husband… my chicken cutlet is legit and he’s from NJ so he knows a chicken cutlet.

Since we are bringing back this little blog of ours, I knew Carolina was one we wanted to feature. She is stunning inside and out, knows her *ish and is constantly updating her social media and blog with incredible treats that are sure to wow you and your family during these stuck at home times.  My family seems to think my drinking is getting a little out of control and to that I say – get ready for an incredible margarita recipe which I will be enjoying today because its CINCO de MAYO and you can go …. you know what!!!!!

Here are the recipes for the Nosh Citizens delicious classic and spicy margaritas made during our “Cinco de mayo” series with Mi Golondrina.  Also a huge shout out to Socorro Tequila for sharing their delicious new tequila with her!! Hope you get to enjoy these cocktail recipes, perfect for this hot weather! Salud! Who doesn’t love a good marg!


Carolinas culinary background started after graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in 2004 and doing her internship under celebrity chef, Dean Fearring in Dallas, Texas. She then moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina to continue her culinary studies and followed her roots.  She fell in love with the melting pot country and the diversity in its cuisine.  Her father is Argentinean, of Italian decent, and for Italians food is a passion. While living in BA, there was a small shift to her culinary journey. She started working for a Big 4 firm and decided to put cooking on hold. She worked her way up the corporate world, over the course of 14 yrs and became a Managing Director in the staffing industry.

So how and why did she go back to her culinary roots, why did she create Nosh Citizen?  She became a mom and decided to take a work hiatus. It was the perfect time to go back to food as a passion this time. Through her travels and exposure to different cultures Carolina has learned the most. She wanted to share that experience. With Nosh Citizen she showcases food culture and food history. She makes cooking easy, accessible and fun. If you’re a foodie you’ll love her short step by step cooking videos.  After all, food has connected people for millennia, and Nosh Citizen carries on the tradition.

Give our girl a like on insa, a comment, a wink, whatever people are doing these days and get ready to fill your bellies with incredible food.  If you mention us, maybe she’ll even FaceTime you for a private lesson!! I mean.. do you think I made those cutlets alone? Pah.

Cover Image:  iLona Serchenko Photography

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