August 18, 2017

Nicole + Steve | Military Elegance

Sometimes the bride says it best…
The inspiration for the event was mostly towards the venue. Steve and I basically grew up in Smithville. His father owns a shop there that coincidentally my mother and I used to go to all the time when we would visit that area. The connection was never made until he and I met. So when it came time to pick our venue, the Smithville Inn was probably first on our list. It meant so much to both of us for various reasons that we just decided that it would be the perfect place to get married.

So because of the vintage and feel, we used a lot of burlap, vintage pieces like our card holder. We used an old suitcase from a thrift store for everyone to put the cards in. We used lanterns as the centerpieces with small floral wreaths around them. We also used some chalkboard accents for the table names which we named after wines. 

We were together for about 4 years before we were married and it was a crazy 4 years. Not only was Steve going to officer school to become an officer in the national guard, we met while I was still in college. Then after I graduated school I moved to Florida with my parents while Steve was still in New Jersey. So we would have to say that a majority of our relationship dealt with a lot of traveling, patience, late night phone calls, rushed weekend trips and a lot of planning. 

Steve proposed probably in the most amazing way and the most unexpected. We were planning to go on a trip to Disney with my family for New Years. I picked him up from the airport and we made our way to Orlando where the rest of my family was waiting for us to arrive. Since I had no idea Steve was harboring a ring around with him the entire day, I tried to go along with whatever everyone else was doing. Try being a key word. I certainly made things difficult by asking why he was carrying a bag around the whole time instead of putting in the hotel room. 

Since my aunt loves to take pictures of the family, after a small firework show she had us all gather around the bridge in front of Italy in Epcot. We all took pictures together and then it came time to have just Steve and I in a picture. We did cute poses and hugged. Then I started to realize he was shaking and I got concerned. He told me he loved me and wanted to be with me forever. I thought “awe how nice,  but we are taking a picture we need to focus”. Then he went down on one knee and I was so surprised and excited and astonished all at the same time. But that was also the moment I realized that he had gotten my whole family involved and they were all in on it. To this day he still does those little things to surprise me especially when it involves family.

Funny enough we met through his little brother. His brother kevin and his girlfriend Jane went to highschool with me and we were all around the same age and Jane and I were friends. We lost touch after I graduated, but we ended up seeing each other at college and reconnected. Her and Kevin set Steve and I up on a double date with them and he and I couldn’t stop talking. We talked so late that we were still there when the ice cream place closed. I think we knew then that it was something we wouldn’t be letting go of . 

As for inspiration and or advice for other couples; we have been through a lot. We fight and yell but we love just as much. The best thing we try and do and work on constantly is communication. While being long distance it’s certainly a tool we needed to hone. That’s all we had because we weren’t able to see each other face to face all the time. We still have some issues with it because we are both stubborn mules, but we work just as hard as we love because we aren’t just husband and wife, we are best friends and partners in crime. Communication is key in all relationships and should never be taken advantage of. Always ask for what you want and need, always discuss your concerns, and never forget to tell each other how much you love each other”. 


This wedding brought to you by these incredible vendors

Ceremony/Reception: Smithville Inn  ||  Officiant: Jason Neluna  ||  Entertainment: Jersey Shore DJs  ||  Florist: Pocket Full Of Posies  ||  Wedding Gown: Alfred Angelo  ||  Wedding Shoes: Badgley Mischka  ||  Bridesmaid Dress: Alfred Angelo  ||  Hair & Makeup Artist: Sublime Hair Salon  ||  Groomsmen : Men’s Warehouse  ||  Photographer: Emilia of Meely Photography

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