October 20, 2017

Maternity Photos || Yes or No

I did NOT want to go on our babymoon the morning my husband and I were scheduled to drive down to Laguna Beach. I threw my version of an adult temper tantrum which was essentially lying down on my bed every five minutes while packing my suitcase (yes, I waited until the day we were supposed to leave to do this.) I was nine months pregnant and the idea of sitting in a car for an hour and a half sounded miserable. I had also booked a photographer for a maternity shoot during our trip and I had no interest whatsoever in being photographed in my current condition – large, sweaty and slow. In a last ditch effort to stay home, I started spouting out reasons why we should cancel our trip and the hubby was well prepared to shoot each one down. I even mentioned how foolish we were to spend money on such a lavish trip when we had a baby on the way and he was quick to remind me the whole thing was practically paid for by AMEX points. Eventually my excuses ran out and there were enough stretchy pants and cotton dresses in my luggage to last me through the weekend (and my mood swings) and it was time to hit the road.

The second we pulled up to the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point, I felt better about everything. The Ritz holds so many good memories from my childhood (my family used to rent the house next door in the summer when I was little and my brother and I would climb the wall every day and swim in the hotel pool) and I was more than excited to waddle myself to our room and enjoy fresh sheets, room service and our view of the beach. At check in we were greeted with a gift bag for our future babe that included a cute onesie and a rubber ducky and in our room we were treated to a bottle of sparkling apple cider and macarons (the perks of booking through AMEX). After we were situated, we took a stroll around the property and were entertained by all the guests who felt inclined to stare at my belly with wide eyes and proclaim, “You are ready to pop!” It still blows my mind that strangers have no filter when it comes to letting you know how large and pregnant you look.

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast in bed and my hesitation to be photographed began to creep in again. I had been clear with our photographer, Wade, that I wasn’t trying to pull off Demi Moore’s cover from Vanity Fair and just wanted the photos to be natural, casual and capture the excitement my husband and I had about the little guy we were waiting to meet. The minute Wade got to our room, he was a DREAM and all my fears went out the window. We already had an existing relationship as he was part of the team that shot our wedding and that helped A LOT. It felt like I was just hanging out with a friend and forgot about the camera in his hands as he directed me to relax and just enjoy touching my belly.

I could not be happier with how the photos turned out and I’m glad I did not cancel a thing. I even look forward to doing it all over again and taking photos at the same location with our baby in our arms! This time, I will pack the night before.

Written by our resident baby momma blogger : Samantha Mansfield

Photography by the oh so talented ( and super hunky ) : Wade Carr  ( edited by Wild Whim )

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