October 4, 2016

Let’s see some bling, shall we? || A Jacoby Co.

Remember that scene in Sweet Home Alabama where Reese Witherspoon gets blindfolded and walks into Tiffany’s at night to pick out her dream ring?  Just picture yourself being Reese.. BUT using a private jeweler rather than going into Tiffany’s.  That 2ct ring you had your eye on with the gigantic price tag might actually be a reality.  Why use a private jeweler you ask?  You get the top individual customer service as well as a very unique experience many buyers do not get the chance to have.  You can schedule private sessions where you do not feel the pressure of a retail environment, customize the ring to however you wish, and most importantly : You pay not even a fraction of what the retail stores sell it for. Can we all say #winning
We had the pleasure of sitting down with A. Jacoby & Co. in NYC to learn more about their company, try on some of their beyond fabulous rings and now we get to share it all with you!
A Jacoby has been in business for over 50 years. Built on impeccable reputation and its loyal relationships, they are committed to excellence and perfection. They custom make fine jewelry, engagement rings, bands and finished jewelry, and are also collectors and appraisers of estate jewels.
Now let’s get to the rings, shall we?
This ring is for your classic, traditional bride. Classic three stone look with sharp cut square cushion cut with two half moon diamonds. 2016-10-04_0002
Another classic ring with a style you can grow into.  Round cut diamond with eagle claw prongs with two tapered baguettes. 2016-10-04_0003
For a little more bling,  how about a round brilliant cut diamond with diamond halo and shank .2016-10-04_0004
Look familiar? Thats because the beautiful Blake Lively choose this as her setting.  This is a three row diamond pave comfort shank, with a one row diamond basket underneath . Platinum setting with an oval diamond center.2016-10-04_0005
Classic three stone emerald ring. Platinum mounting set with eagle claw prongs.  Always a favorite and a style that will last the generations.  2016-10-04_0007
Platinum mounting, with a rectangular cushion cut center stone and a diamond halo.  For a little extra something, this setting has diamonds going 3/4th of the way going down the shank.2016-10-04_0009
Feeling a little old school?  How about this vintage inspired platinum ring with a european cut center. It has four baguettes as accent side stones with a bezel enclosed around them.  Very chic if you ask us. 2016-10-04_0010
We are suckers for a brilliant cushion cut ring. Just a little extra sparkle to make you smile. This is a Brilliant cushion cut center stone with two bullet shaped side stones, and  with eagle claw shaped prongs.
For more information on any of the rings pictured or to set up a private apointment, contact Nicole Kopelman 
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