Let’s Play Matchmaker


Talking to vendors can either be super overwhelming or it can start to feel like round after round of Speed Dating. We know it’s important you click with your vendors – we have the same philosophy here at Baubles & Bowties. You want your vendors to easily turn into friends you would meet for coffee or drinks and someone with whom you can spend your entire day and it just feels “right.” We totally get it.
So, send us an email with the following information and we’ll send back a list of vendors we think would be perfect for you. Keep in mind we tailor this list the best we can to your answers to ensure they’re right for you. Use these suggestions as a springboard to planning or simply a way to help you begin to make some final decisions. We love playing matchmaker and with individual reps in each city that personally know the vendors in your area, it’s sure to be a match made in heaven.

  • Wedding Date
  • Vendor(s) you want to meet and your budget for each
  • A description of your personal style
  • Your Pinterest board (if you have them… or add us, Baubles & Bowties, to your secret board)
  • Top three vendor priorities (i.e. most important to me is food, music and photographer)
  • Anything else you think is important you know

We may follow up with some more questions, but this should get the ball rolling. You should hear back from the rep for your area within a few days. Now go check out some beautiful weddings!

Are you not quite ready to dive into the vendor dating pool and just need help getting started? Hit us up. We’ll get ya squared away.

Are you a vendor interested in finding out how you can get matched up? We love to meet new wedding professionals to add to our vendor lists – the more options we have to choose from when we go to tailor our list for our readers, the better. Email us, will ya?