November 17, 2017

Let Me Introduce Myself || Sammy Jo Jo Pants

Picture Carrie Bradshaw sitting in front of her laptop in her latest designer loungewear, cigarette burning in an ashtray nearby, emptying her thoughts onto her keyboard and enjoying the occasional city sounds from the streets of the Upper East Side.
Now strip away the outfit and replace it with a nursing bra and sweatpants. Convert the NYC acoustics to the rhythmic and vague sounds from a breast pump with a hint of white noise streaming from a baby monitor, and ditch the cigarette for a lemon flavored La Croix. You can leave the wild blonde hair and laptop.

That’s me, Sam.

While the visual I attempted to create of myself may not be entirely clear, it was the best I could come up with, as ideas seem to leave my head as quickly as they arrive now that I am a new mom. (New brain, who dis?) I know I am much more than a milk machine, surviving off caffeine and dry shampoo but I realized that is who I saw when picturing myself! I, like many other moms, am learning how to juggle baby, marriage, friendships and work and I am grateful the B&B ladies offered a place for me to have a creative outlet to share this journey of mine. I am definitely not a writer and when I contribute to Baubles & Bowties, you better believe there will be grammatical errors. I am however, VERY passionate about being a new mom and am excited to create content based on what has worked for my son, Oliver and me.

To follow Sam’s journey in motherhood, follow her on her insta!
Samantha Mansfield

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