April 15, 2020

How To Transform Your Wardrobe For The Summer

Transforming your wardrobe is essential as we transition into one of the hottest seasons of the year. If you’ve got a wardrobe that mixes all your seasons together, you’ll suddenly find yourself staring at it and spending forever trying to find the right outfit. With that in mind, here are some tips to transform your wardrobe for the summer.

Do A Clear Out

A clear out is an essential part of making your wardrobe feel and look better. When you’ve got worn out clothes that are no longer benefiting you, it’s hard to get rid of them when they’re mixed in with all your new clothes. A good method to do this is by taking out every single item of clothing that you own and going through each piece in detail. Try it on, look at yourself in the mirror, and see if it still fits properly or there are any rips or holes. Anything that has clearly aged, no matter how much you love it, has got to go! Once you’ve gone through everything, you can either sell these clothes, give them to charity or recycle them if they’re no longer wearable.

Find Your Basics

Before you go shopping for certain pieces, you want to have a selection of basic wear. Basic wear can help with layering outfits and adding to outfits that might require an undershirt or shapewear, for example. By finding these basics, you can then build on what you have, knowing that you can partner up what you already have in your wardrobe. Sometimes we end up not being able to wear items because they need an additional undergarment to cover up bra straps or panty liners.

Try Something New

It’s always worth giving new things a try when it comes to your wardrobe, whether that’s learning how to tie a bow tie or experimenting with bold colors. By bringing something new to your wardrobe, you’re changing it up and making it a little more interesting for you when it comes to picking out pieces. When you’re shopping, try to pick out one or two items that you wouldn’t normally go for and try them on. You might surprise yourself by how good they look on you. It’s worth a go, what have you got to lose?

Stick To What Works For Your Shape

We all have different body shapes, and therefore, what works for your friends or family might not be the same for you. With that being said, think about what compliments your figure, rather than going for something that doesn’t fit you right. It’s becoming more apparent that fashion lines are doing more to cater for those who don’t have a typical generic shape of a size 10 or 14. The more you can find pieces that tailor to your shape, rather than swamp you in clothing or are too tight, the better.

Transforming your wardrobe for the summer is important to ensure you’ve got a range of outfits that you can wear. Use these tips to help achieve that!

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