April 17, 2019

How to Plan Your Dream Wedding

If you’ve been dreaming about your big day since you were a child, you probably have a fair few ideas on the kind of things that you want from your wedding. When you have so many ideas in your head, it can be hard to put them all together into a plan for your big day. These tips will help you get started with your wedding plans to make sure that you have a wedding day that’s better than you’ve ever dreamt of.

Pick a Venue

Choosing a venue is the best starting point in your plans for your nuptials. The best venues often get booked up way in advance, so getting in there early and guaranteeing availability for your wedding will mean that you have the biggest part of your wedding plans sorted.

Carefully consider the type of wedding that you want to have when choosing a venue. Planning a laid-back, casual wedding will best suit a completely different venue than a black-tie wedding would need.

Choose a Theme

Of course, having a theme doesn’t mean that you need to host a superhero or unicorn themed wedding! A theme is merely a guide to aid you in planning your wedding to ensure that it has a cohesive look and isn’t too mismatched. Your theme could be as simple as ‘vintage’ or ‘glam’ – a simple reference point to use when choosing items for your big day such as your wedding invites, wedding car, and cake.

Decide on a Budget

Dream weddings can be pretty expensive, so a fixed budget on how much you are prepared to spend on individual elements of the wedding, as well as your overall budget is a great way to prevent costs spiraling out of control.

Knowing your budget will help you to feel more in control of your wedding plans, and is a great way to stay on top of each part of the organization.

Be Creative

If you feel that setting a budget will hamper your plans for your big day, don’t worry there are ways around this.

To get the wedding that you’ve always dreamed of on a realistic budget, you may need to think a little more creatively. If the venue you want is out of your budget, why not check to see if they offer a discounted price for mid-week weddings instead?

Another option to keep costs down without compromising on your dream is to reduce your guest list – inviting all those second cousins twice removed that you never see can get pretty expensive, and could help you to spend a lot less, but still get the big day you’ve always dreamed of.

Keep Calm

If you’ve dreamed about your wedding for as long as you can remember, you may find yourself feeling quite stressed out about getting the reality to match all the ideas in your head. Don’t put yourself under pressure by getting caught up in small details; otherwise, you will forget to enjoy your big day.

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