September 21, 2021

How To Organize The Honeymoon of Your Dreams Without Going Over Your Budget

Your wedding may be an integral part of your big planning schedule but have you given as much consideration to your honeymoon as well? After all it is going to be your first vacation together as a married couple, so you want it to be just as special as the big day where you say “I Do” to each other.

But if you need to be a bit money conscious with your honeymoon after spending the majority of your savings on the wedding, then here are some ideas to help you plan the perfect honeymoon whilst still keeping costs in mind.

Travel Out of Season

Just because you get married at the height of summer doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go on your honeymoon immediately after. It will cost you a lot less if you do not travel to your chosen destination during the busy summer months, so essentially June to August. If you do not mind waiting a bit you could always travel together to your dream destination, out of season, but at a fraction of the cost.

Look For Discounts In Advance  The next thing to look at will be organising your honeymoon vacation so that you can look for the best discounts in advance yet still have a wonderful trip planned. Small things such as researching in advance, looking at hotel prices against comparison websites and being a bit flexible with your ideal options can help you find a good deal before you are set to travel.

Put Together a Capsule Wardrobe 

If you have some lovely items of clothing that will suit your vacation, whether it is a beach based one, hiking in the mountains, heading to a remote location or exploring a city centre, you want to feel comfortable yet stylish in the clothes that you are wearing.

So instead of buying a brand new wardrobe for the honeymoon, why not reuse your existing clothing, shop for secondhand items or ask your wedding guests for vouchers so that you can buy yourself new items.

It will be the quiet intimate moments that you share with your newly wed partner that will count most, compared to what you are wearing each day.

Book Activities Beforehand 

If you are going to be taking part in various activities that need to be booked then it makes sense to organize this prior to arriving as it could save you money, time and stress without having to worry about this when you are on vacation. You don’t want to arrive at the chosen activity to find that you need to have tickets booked and there is no availability when you arrive which would be bitterly disappointing.

If you can be organized and start to book things in advance there is no reason you can’t have the honeymoon of your dreams without going over your budget.

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