August 6, 2021

How To Organize A Funeral That Isn’t All Sad

Most of us dislike thinking about funerals because it makes us sad to say goodbye to someone we care about. Most of the time, and for good reason, a feeling of loss and emptiness will settle over any funeral ceremony, accompanied by tears and sadness. It’s tough to say goodbye to someone, particularly if they died suddenly.

Funerals, however, do not have to be solemn events where everyone feels terrible about saying goodbye to a loved one. Funerals can also be uplifting remembrance ceremonies that help to heal our wounds and encourage hope. Here are some ways to ensure that happens as far as possible. It’s okay to be sad, and it’s highly likely you will be, but by organizing an uplifting ceremony, you can mitigate those feelings somewhat.

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Share Your Joyful Memories

Funeral arrangers recognize that each individual is unique, and they will allow you to create a funeral service that reflects this. This can mean that you can stand up and talk about the fondest, most joyful memories you have of your loved one in any way that works for you, whether it was a vacation you had together, something funny that happened, or just how good they were in general.

You might even want to offer a podium and microphone at some point in the service so that anybody who wants to share short recollections of joy, laughter, and love can do so. Maybe some of the pictures to go on headstones and grave markers that you’ve chosen can relate to what you were talking about, helping everyone remember the joy when they visit the grave. Celebrating the life of the deceased in these positive ways can help everyone feel better and allow them to completely appreciate the person they knew and loved.

Play Special Music

Beautiful and powerful music calms the spirit, whether played quietly in the background or performed live at important parts of the ceremony. Music for the event can be pre-recorded or played live by bands and vocalists. In line with the general concept of the commemorative situation, the music is often inspiring and uplifting. If your loved one comes from a musically gifted family, they may wish to put together a performance arrangement especially for their deceased family member.

Choose music that isn’t just uplifting, but that relates to some special parts of the life of the person who has passed away. Again, this will inspire memories and encourage people to think of happy moments, helping them to feel a little less sad.

Finish On A Positive Note

Finish the ceremony with a memorable activity related to the loved one whose life is being honored. Some mourners have released doves from cages, while others have launched bunches of balloons into the sky (although if you intend to do this, make sure they are biodegradable ones). Some activities are likely to require specific permits from local authorities, so make sure you have these in place, otherwise you could receive a fine which would mar the day.

Funerals have traditionally brought mourners together to say their last goodbyes to a loved one. However, since funerals are for the living, family and friends today are now encouraged to commemorate their loved one’s life and memories.

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