July 12, 2017

Gina + Ryan || Love at First Sight

Gina and Ryan met in the Spring of 2012, when Gina was looking to renew her summer job at the beach in Seaside Park. She was definitely not expecting to see someone as young and handsome as Ryan sitting at the desk when she walked into the office, so she was pleasantly surprised! That day, the two talked for hours (Gina even called out of her other job, oops!) and at the end when she asked, “So did I get the job?” he said “Absolutely!”.

Though the attraction was there, it took a few weeks of convincing before Gina finally agreed to go on their first date, which happened to be on Memorial Day. Ryan took Gina on a motorcycle ride along the beach with best friend, Josh, and his (then) fiancé, Keri (Ryan and Gina later became the Godparents for their first child, and they were both in the couple’s wedding party!) and Gina knew it would be the start of something amazing.

Fast forward to December 2013 on a snowy evening when Ryan asked Gina to go to The Wine Loft in Pier Village with him. She was super excited because she had always wanted to go there. The two sat down in this beautiful private tent, and Ryan ordered them a bottle of Gina’s favorite wine, which happened to be a Sauvignon Blanc. It’s funny looking back because Gina tried to convince him to order a red wine instead because she knew he wasn’t a fan of white. They finally settled on the wine, and Gina was glad they did, because when the waitress brought it to them, the label said “Will You Marry Me?” with a little anchor, her favorite symbol. It was totally unexpected and Gina was in a state of shock, but she of course said, “Yes!”. 6 months later, the two got anchor tattoos to commemorate that day and their relationship.

Gina and Ryan decided to get married on April 29, 2016… almost two and a half years later. Because Gina was so young at the time of their engagement (22) the couple thought that time frame would be best. They were right because the time flew so quickly! When it came to choosing a venue, Gina and Ryan had very different tastes, but as soon as they got to The Palace, they knew it was “the one”. The two knew from the get-go that they wanted their wedding colors to be lavender, grey, and ivory, which was a perfect color combination for a spring wedding. The overall theme of the wedding was based upon their shared love of wine, paying tribute to how Ryan proposed and their shared love for drinking it. The two incorporated elements such as a wooden wine crate card holder (which now sits on their fireplace), wine cork table cards, DIY wine bottle centerpieces, and cake topper.

The day was amazing, but the best part was after it was all over, at 3am sitting on their hotel room floor eating their wedding food out of Styrofoam containers and reflecting on the day. Gina and Ryan are so thankful to have had such an incredible wedding day and love looking back at the incredible photos they now have to remember it by and cherish forever.

Special thanks to these incredible vendors:

Photographer: Heyn Photography || Dress Store: Castle Couture || Hair Stylist: Elan Hair Studio || Floral Designer: Jersey Shore Florists || DJ: SCE Event Group || Reception Venue: The Palace at Somerset Park || Makeup: Blush 35

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