December 8, 2017

Gift Guide for Baby

Baby registries are always stocked full of the necessities – from bottles to pacifiers to bouncers – which of course baby and parents will appreciate. But sometimes, it’s the not-so-necessary things that will have expecting parents grateful for the unexpected. If it’s a techy gift that makes things just a bit easier or quirky toys to make baby smile, this list has what you’re looking for.

Freshly Picked Moccasins – $60

There are two types of people in the world: those who say baby shoes are unnecessary and those who have seen Freshly Picked Moccasins. These soft, durable, all-leather moccasins are not only super stylish, they also stay on your baby’s feet! They come in a range of colors, designs and styles (check out their Oxfords!) and the only drawback is that they don’t come in grown-up sizes.

Really Big Bashful Bunny – $109

Jellycat somehow combines the softness of clouds, kittens, and cashmere and rolls them into their adorable collection of stuffed animals. The Really Big Bunny is the perfect addition to a nursery to help as a cozy friend during story time or to keep monsters at bay overnight. This ultrasoft, beautifully crafted bunny is nontraditionally traditional.

Zipadee Zip – $37

Nothing is a better gift to a baby than sleep. Who are we kidding? This is more for the parents. This magical little sleeping sack will have your fussy one catching zzzz’s in no time. It’s the perfect alternative to a swaddle-averse baby or for when they simply outgrow swaddling. They come in four sizes with patterns that range from cute to trendy.  Your baby will look like a snuggly little starfish, but they’ll sleep. And that’s all that really matters, right?

LexyPexy Cotton Candy Wooden Teether – $26

This sweet teether is the perfect little chewy for a family that loves sweets! The wooden teether is hand-made from sustainable maple and finished with non-toxic materials. It’s naturally antibacterial and it won’t splinter. It’s one of the few beautiful things that’s OK for baby to chew.

Baby Brezza – $180

Remember life before the Keurig? Waiting for more than a minute for a hot cup of coffee just seems barbaric, doesn’t it? Enter Baby Brezza – the Keurig of bottles. This miracle gadget makes a perfectly measured, warm bottle in 30 seconds with just the push of a button. Those dreaded nighttime feedings are a thing of the past. No more measuring and shaking bottles at 3 AM. No more waiting. No more baby that is now too hungry. This thing will change your night.

Hatch Baby Rest- $60

The Hatch Baby ain’t your mama’s nightlight. This sleekly designed device is an all-in-one sound machine and nightlight that is controllable from a smart phone. The Hatch comes with white noise, which is proven to help your child rest and a nightlight that can gently change hues. After little baby is not so little anymore, the Hatch can be programmed to let a toddler know when it’s OK to start their day. The “Time-to-Rise” Indicator gives them the go to hop out of bed. You can also add decorative coverlets to match your nursery’s décor. Everything about The Hatch is customizable – so you can take control of your family’s nighttime routine.

Papoose Felted Duck PlayMat – $66

When a playmat arrives and already has it’s own storied history, you know it’s going to offer up even more inspiration for playtime. The Papoose Felted  Duck Playmat was handcrafted by artisans in Nepal. It’s made with 100% natural felted wool and colored with non-toxic inks. The pond scene is perfect for any kid who loves animals, water or boats. When it’s not being used for play, it’s soft and warm wool can be used as a decorative rug. When it’s too cold to go to the park, bring the park to you!

Baby Jives Luxe Silver Star Cloud – $102

This adorable mobile is the perfect addition to a gender neutral nursery. It manages to be both sophisticated and dreamy. The stars are made with real leather and the hanging moon can be customized by color. The fluffy cloud and shimmery stars will bring visual entertainment to baby as it softly moves over the crib or changing table.  Once baby graduates from the crib, this mobile can hang from the ceiling above their big-kid bed and be a décor centerpiece to their updated room. Wherever it hangs, it’s sure to inspire sweet dreams.

Tree Hopper Landscape Blocks – $40

When parents have worn themselves out with searching for batteries to replace the whizzy light noise machine toy for their kiddo, they’ll be relieved to have this set in the toybox. These sturdy wooden blocks are painted with the coolest cabin theme. Playtime will lead to stories of hiking up the mountain to a cabin in the woods.  No batteries needed, just some imagination.

Hello World Blanket – $45

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