September 13, 2019

Four Steps To Finding Your Ideal Wedding Venue

If you’ve just gotten engaged, one of the first arrangements you need to take in the process of wedding planning is selecting a venue for your big day – and the party afterwards. Most of the other actions flow from this one decision – once you have a setting you have a date, an idea of travel requirements, numbers of guests you can invite, ideas for theming and entertainment and even an idea of the dress which might work Your venue is the hook that your wedding planning hangs off. So making the right choice is essential  – but how do you narrow it down and choose the one that is right for you, especially if you’ve never planned a big event before?

Agree On A Budget

There is absolutely no sense in falling in love with venues and ideas that you’ll never be able to realistically afford. The sky is the limit when it comes to what some places will charge to host your wedding, so before you start window-shopping venues, be very clear on your price range. This involves a very honest conversation with your fiance about how you’re planning on funding the wedding, how much you can both reasonably afford, and even requires you to understand exactly what, if any, parental contribution you’re expecting.

Decide Your Wedding Mood

The vibe that you want your celebration to have is another huge deciding factor in the type of venue you select. If you’re a barefoot bride aiming for a relaxed, festival feel where the emphasis is on the celebration after the ceremony, you’re likely to require a very different space from the small, chic city wedding with a reception at a smart restaurant, or the very formal marquee weddings which involve a tent rental and hiring in everything from a generator to a bar.

Plan Your Visit

If you have a year or two to go before you’re hoping to have your big day, use the time well to get the wedding of your dreams. Visit the location in the same month as you are hoping to get married, as this will give you the most accurate picture of what your chosen location will actually be like at that time of year. This informs what the grounds might be like, how the venue is in certain weather conditions and what dressing may be required for the location. After all, there’s no point selecting a venue for it’s glorious outdoors space if you’re planning a winter wedding where all the action is going to be happening inside. Get an idea of what may suit the space in terms of props and decorations – this will also help you plan out your wedding budget in more detail.

Check The Conditions

Be sure that you fully understand the requirements when it comes to your venue and what you may need to source separately. For example, in a dedicated wedding venue they have have things such as chair covers and glassware that you’d need to source separately in others. SOme venues will come with an event planner who can help you with the big day of your dreams, while others will leave it entirely up to you. Think about what suits you and the amount of time you have to dedicate to planning. Ask for what’s included in writing, and if there are any costs you can negotiate down.

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