February 15, 2017

Cynthia + Wallace || SLS Stunner

Holy Smokes… this ceremony venue??? WHATTTT???? Take your breath away stunning and the perfect back drop for Cynthia +Wallace’s Salt Lake City wedding. Between the two different venues and the brides total twirl worthy dress, we are completely smitten.  The couples photographer, Logan Walker Photography, put together a little Q & A for us so we wanted to share it with you!  Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend.

How did you and your spouse meet? We originally met in high school, ran into each other again 13 years later and started dating then. At the time my friends and I referred to him as “Hot Wally,” and he was as adorable at 31 as he was at 18.

Who proposed marriage and how did that proposal happen? He proposed; we went to Eva’s downtown, where we went on our first date, but he proposed in his sister’s backyard with candles, flowers and the fire pit lit. Wally’s 3-year-old nephew brought out the ring.

Did you do a First Look before the ceremony?  It was important to me that Wally not see the dress before the wedding. It became challenging though because when I picked up the dress, I didn’t want to stuff it in a garment bag, so I hung it on the back of my bedroom door. Being as full as it was, it was hard to keep it secret. There was also an element of practicality as well; I only received the dress from the seamstress about 4 days before the wedding, and didn’t do my bridals until the day before. I know many brides opt to do photos with the groom in advance, and we just didn’t have time.

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Moments you loved, hated, cried, laughed or giggled at: The ceremony itself was incredibly moving, but I was willing myself not to cry, as my makeup artist that morning told me my false eyelashes could come off if I cried too much. The thought of a wilted line of eyelashes hanging down my face was enough to keep me relatively composed. Wally and I are both camera shy, but I loved getting photos during the day. It was one of the calmest moments, and I time when I could be (mostly) alone with my new husband! The only really stressful moment of the day was when I realized there were no fresh flowers for the wedding cake. My florist came in and saved the day and the cake was beautiful.

What you would have done differently, if anything: If you ask my husband, he would say we should have eloped. For me, I would have delegated more things earlier, and/or hired a wedding planning to keep everything together. It was a lot trying to balance the wedding and work, and to have such a short time to plan (we did everything in 2 months!).

Any advice you have for future brides? Something will inevitably go wrong, or turn out differently than the way you had envisioned it, but it’s important to look at the big picture, and to not get wrapped up in the relatively unimportant details.

This event was made possible with the help of these incredible vendors:

Photographer:  Logan Walker Photography  ||  Dress Store: AMB  ||  Cake Designer: Carrie’s Cakes  ||  Floral Designer: Hillside Floral  ||  Tuxedo and Mens Attire:Hugo Boss   ||  Band: Joe Muscolino Band  ||  Shoes: Kate Spade  ||  Makeup Artist: Kristen Packard Makeup Artist  ||  Reception Venue: La Caille Weddings and Events  ||  Cinema and Video: Ryan Hinman Films  ||  Ceremony Location: Salt Lake LDS Temple  ||  Ring Designer: Tiffany & Co.

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