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September 12, 2017

Bridal Shower Bliss || NE Occasion

There was not a single detail of this shower spared and we have the photos to prove it. When you get engaged and your best friend is a beyond fabulous event planner, obviously you are going to get a shower dreams are made of.  Read more

August 21, 2017

Margaret + Evan | Fairytale South Carolina Wedding

This is a true love story- like a life-long romance that started, for Margaret, in 3rd grade. She says she would get on her knees as a little girl and pray that God would let her marry Evan. God answered her prayers on November 12, when she became Evan’s wife, after a 10 year courtship!

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August 18, 2017

Nicole + Steve | Military Elegance

Sometimes the bride says it best…
The inspiration for the event was mostly towards the venue. Steve and I basically grew up in Smithville. His father owns a shop there that coincidentally my mother and I used to go to all the time when we would visit that area. The connection was never made until he and I met. So when it came time to pick our venue, the Smithville Inn was probably first on our list. It meant so much to both of us for various reasons that we just decided that it would be the perfect place to get married.

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August 16, 2017

Tess + Adam || Intimate Country Wedding

From Eve Floral Co. about this intimate country wedding…
It’s not everyday you come to a wedding where the couple only invites 15 guests to their wedding. When Tess met me to talk about her wedding details, she urged me to come see the private cabin that her family bought and restored where she would be holding her wedding to really understand the feel she was going for. She told me to meet her at the end of the road and she would show me the way to get there. Little did I know that the cabin was only available to get to through a windy two-trek dirt road where little to no visitors ever venture down. After being there for just moments, I knew that this was going to be a special day.

The morning of the wedding turned out to be an incredibly long downpour of rain, thunder, lightning, wind and flash floods. Tess remained calm and optimistic assuring all of her vendors (including the chef who was hand-making pasta noodles in the cabin’s kitchen) that there was nothing to worry about and brunch was still set for outside on the porch!

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