July 10, 2019

Back To Basics: What You Need For That Simple, Stylish Wedding

When you’re planning a wedding, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with what you need to do. The checklists can seem absolutely endless, and let’s face it: not everybody wants to spend every night for the six months before their big day staying up until midnight making paper flowers and place cards. If you want a simple wedding, here are a few tips on the absolute necessities you’ll need to make your day go swimmingly.

Delicious Food

One of the best things about a wedding is good food. We’ve all eaten plates of dry chicken and pretended to enjoy it – so when it comes to your own wedding, think about what exactly you want regarding food. Sometimes a sit-down dinner isn’t the best thing. They can feel stuffy and too formal, and if you’re a casual bride and groom then why not go for a buffet instead? That means that each guest can eat exactly what they want, so nobody will be pushing items they don’t like around their plate at the end of the meal. You could also consider hiring food trucks instead of caterers if your wedding is outside – it will add a sense of fun, casual anarchy to the day. Just make sure you provide plenty of seating so people can really enjoy their food truck tacos and burgers without spilling salsa down their fancy outfits!

A Great Photographer

Chances are, your wedding day will speed by in a blur, and you’ll be left reeling at the end of the day. All your favourite people in one room, dedicating your life to your love, possibly a few glasses of champagne… you probably won’t get to remember everything that you want to the next day. So it’s a great idea to hire a good photographer – places like Fame Park Studios will be able to provide perfect pictures that you’ll be able to look back on. Take a look at the photographer’s previous work to make sure that it fits in with the aesthetic that you’re dreaming of.

Tunes To Dance The Night Away

Finally, we all know what the best thing about a wedding is: the party! So it’s important to make sure that everyone is able to dance the night away to their heart’s content. You don’t need to hire a band or a DJ if you’re confident in your taste in music – instead make a Spotify playlist that you can put on at the start of the night. Put in some classic Rolling Stones for the older generations along with some party tunes like Hey Ya for your college friends, and some romantic bangers like Love On Top so you can celebrate love with your favourite people in the world. Just remember not to be too obscure – you may love your indie credentials but you want songs that people will be able to dance to. Bohemian Rhapsody, Africa and Livin’ On A Prayer suddenly feel a whole lot cooler when you’re celebrating with a group of your best friends!

You don’t need to spend a lot of money or time on your wedding preparations to have an incredible day – just focus on what really matters!

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