May 3, 2017

Adina + Eric || Picture Perfect

Today’s #bnbfeature was submitted by Lisa Siva of Lisa Siva Photography. Lisa had such a fun time with Adina and Eric at their engagement session. The quickly changing weather allowed them to get such a cool variety of perfect shots! There are a few that have us feeling all the Notebook & Sweet Home Alabama feels. Swoon-worthy for sure.

Here’s Lisa’s take on the day:

We started in St. Augustine with pretty clear skies when some intense fog came rolling in! Luckily this was just as we were getting ready to go to our second location, Vilano Beach, so the first set of images stayed consistent.The fog and huge waves at the beach provided an entirely different ambience which I was so excited about. The sun shone through the fog and backlit Adina and Eric and provided the coolest light. It was dark and moody and kind of had a post-apocalyptic eerie feel… I loved it! Adina and Eric posed for some adorable pictures for me as well as a bunch of fun candids that truly show how they are as a couple.

Their wedding took place in April and we hope Lisa sends those photos our way!

The Notebook Picture Picture Perfect

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