June 23, 2020

6 Incredible Celebrity Engagement Rings

From luxury cars to decadent mansions, celebrities are known to have a lavish taste with their lifestyles for products that are not easily attained by the general public. For those who are heading down the aisle, their engagement rings are often the most expensive jewelry piece that they own for a look that stands out and represents their love. Although there are often many carats involved with celebrity engagement rings, it is often their unique style and design that impresses. Although some of the engagements below may not have worked out, the engagement rings are still worth drooling over.

Olivia Wilde
Olivia Wilde’s round diamond engagement ring from Jason Sudeikis stands out simply due to the emerald green halo that frames the sparkler. It’s a unique choice that is still modern and sophisticated without looking too similar to other styles on the market. The ring is an ideal size for a lovely look that doesn’t look overbearing. You can read up on where to buy VVS Diamonds if you are interested in a ring like this.

Scarlett Johansson
Known as an engagement ring that truly dazzles, Scarlett Johansson’s diamond ring is classic and includes a number of details. With three diamonds centered in the middle of the piece with smaller diamonds that are set on the sides, it has an Art Deco style that is unique and stands out among modern designs.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie’s engagement ring from Brad Pitt offers a timeless and classic style that was crafted by one of the most popular diamond ring designers, Robert Procop. The finest diamonds were chosen and cut to fit Jolie’s hand perfectly with slim rectangle shapes that cascade around the finger. Although the five-star style is expensive, it still stands out among other cuts that are seen on celebrities.

Elizabeth Hurley
Most engagement rings are void of any color, but Elizabeth Hurley’s jewelry item features a square-cut sapphire that is timeless and doesn’t follow the latest trends. It’s a moderate size that includes two trillion-cut white diamonds on the sides for a gorgeous look that is one of a kind.

Ashlee Simpson
Perhaps one of the boldest engagement ring designs among celebrities, Ashlee Simpson’s ruby red and gold ring offers a vintage style that is eclectic and large in size. Few would guess that Neil Lane designed the custom-made jewelry piece for a unique look that Evan Ross felt would capture her edgy taste.

Kelly Clarkson
When Kelly Clarkson became engaged to Brandon Blackstock in 2012, one of the most talked-about features was her lavish yellow engagement ring. The singer wasn’t afraid to gush about her yellow canary diamond, which was designed by Johnathon Arndt. Massive in size, it also includes small diamonds that frame the large gem.

Which engagement ring is your favorite? Would you like a luxurious yellow ring like Kelly Clarkson? Or would you prefer something more timeless, such as the one worn by Liz Hurley?

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