November 27, 2019

5 Ways To Reduce Stress When Planning Your Wedding

On the one hand, planning your wedding is supposed to be fun.

Much joy can be had when trying on potential wedding dresses, driving around town looking for the ideal wedding venue, and nibbling on sweet items when testing the skills of wedding cake providers.

On the other hand, with so much to do and think about, it can also be quite a stressful process. Not only do you have to contend with the various jobs you have to complete, but you also have the worry that you might make a mistake in your planning. So, that joy we mentioned might not be the overriding emotion you feel in the weeks and months up to the wedding.

Still, you don’t have to burn yourself out with stress and exhaustion. When you’re in the planning stages for your wedding, consider the following tips. By doing so, you might get through the process with nerves still intact and, quite possibly, remember to have fun too.

#1: Create a checklist of things to do

Wedding checklists are great as they act as a visual representation of everything that needs to be done. This way, you are less likely to forget something vital, and you won’t get yourself into a muddle when trying to remember if you have or haven’t already done something. You can also tick off the completed items on your wedding checklist, and this in itself can be a source of stress-relief thanks to the sense of accomplishment you will feel.

#2: Get as much advice as possible

With so much to think about, you might feel overwhelmed when planning the various aspects of your wedding. However, you need to remember that you aren’t the first person in the world to get married, and there are bound to be friends, colleagues, and family members that you know who have all gone through the experience. So, talk to them. Ask them for their advice. Find out what went well for them and what didn’t. And ask any pressing questions that are weighing heavily upon your mind. After learning from the people around you, chances are, you will be better equipped to deal with the various elements of your wedding that are on your checklist.

Remember to look online too. We have lots of advice on our website, and there are other websites that contain wedding resources for you to refer to. Google the questions that you need to ask, and then follow those links that are destined to give you the answers you’re looking for.

#3: Delegate to others

Of course, the people around you can do more than offer you advice. They can help you stick down envelopes for the wedding invites, create welcoming bags for your wedding guests, and support you with those other tasks that will help to make your wedding day a successful one.

So, talk to the people around you. Show them your checklist of things to do. And when they show an interest in supporting you, give them those responsibilities that you think they can manage so you can reduce your stress and shorten your workload.

#4: Research wedding vendors

To turn your big day into a success, you need the right wedding vendors on your side. From the photographer to the caterer, these are the people who will make your day easier with their professional assistance. Of course, they won’t only reduce your stress on the wedding day itself. In the run-up to the wedding, you will feel a lot less stressed knowing that you have hired the best people possible.

So, don’t neglect this one aspect of your planning, as you will have greater peace of mind during the days and weeks preceding your wedding day. Research potential wedding vendors by visiting their websites, looking at business review sites, and by asking them for proof of their credentials. When you know you have picked the right person, you can tick that job off your to-do list, and then relax knowing that your wedding will be in safe hands.

#5: Remember why you’re getting married

And finally, remember to look at the bigger picture. You are getting married because of your love for somebody else, and ultimately, this is all that should really matter on your wedding day. So, let this be your overriding thought during the lead-up to the wedding. While it won’t narrow down your to-do list, remembering that it will all be worth it should give you a more positive (and less stressed-out) attitude when you’re going through the various tasks that need to be completed.

Take care, and thanks for reading!

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