April 16, 2019

4 Things To Consider Before Booking A Wedding Abroad

Congratulations on your engagement! Now the fun part begins as you begin to toy with your fantasy wedding ideas to make the perfect day for you and your other half. Is it romantic, adventurous, sophisticated? Is it set in a church, a barn or on the beach? If your wedding aspirations stem beyond your existing country, to somewhere abroad, before diving into booking your flights and saving the date, here are just a few things to consider before determining if a wedding elsewhere is right for you.

The Price

Some people don’t even consider the idea of getting married abroad, but not because they don’t think it’s an excellent idea! It’s generally because they believe it’s bound to be more expensive than staying local to where they currently are. When actually in some cases the opposite is true, getting married abroad can prove to be a lot cheaper providing you shop around and research different destinations for a good deal. For some inspiration check out what a tropical wedding in Hawaii might cost you, to give you some perspective on where you can host your ceremony at an affordable price. If you’ve initially chosen a destination that’s quite costly in consideration of your budget, research alternative countries and areas for better deals that are kinder to your wedding budget.

Guest List

Many couples want to get married in front of their close family and friends, if this is important to you, you may want to think about the following before booking your wedding abroad. For instance, some of your planned guest list may have trouble traveling out of the country to attend your wedding. This could be due to issues such as; the cost of travel and accommodation, fear of flying, or the inability to get the time off work. If it’s essential for you that a particular group of people are present on your big day, you may want to check with these people first that they will be able to attend the country that will be hosting your wedding.

Legally Married

If you decide to choose a wedding planner abroad, be it Italy, Cancun or Ibiza, or decide to create your wedding experience alone, an essential part of the planning is to check whether the wedding ceremony you book will be declared legal in your home country. Otherwise, there would be nothing quite so upsetting as to book your wedding and find out following the event you are not legally wed to one another.


Apart from checking you can comfortably plan your dream day using your wedding savings, and whether your closest friends and family can attend the ceremony abroad, everything should start and end with what the grooms and brides-to-be’s wishes are. If you adore the prospect of fleeing to marry or escaping your daily lives and your own country’s poor weather to get hitched in a tropical paradise, so long as you are both happy and it feels right for you, then you should do it!

Planning a wedding can be a cocktail of both stress and excitement, which is why it’s essential to not put too much pressure on yourselves and your big day. The tips above can help to weed out any significant issues from arising before it’s too late to change your wedding plans.

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