March 20, 2020

Thinking Of A New Sport? How About Hockey?

Field hockey is a sport that is enjoyed by a vast number of people. Nonetheless, in order to enjoy hockey properly you need to ensure you have the right equipment. After all, a poor quality hockey stick can seriously hinder your performance. Keeping that in mind, read on to discover how to find the best company to buy your hockey equipment from…

  • Product Range – The first thing you need to look out for is a varied range of products. You want to be certain the company sells all of the equipment you require. Don’t merely assess the hockey sticks that are available. Look at everything from shin pads and mouth guards, to goalkeeping equipment and umpire accessories.
  • Brands – You should also assess the brands being sold by the company. If the company sells brands that are well-known in the world of hockey, this should fill you with confidence, as you know you have a high chance of benefiting from a top quality product. Some of the brands you should be looking out for include the likes of Adidas, Mazon, Grays, Dita, and Voodoo.
  • Low Prices – The price issue is never easy. After all, you don’t want to go for a company selling products alarmingly cheap, as this is likely to indicate a lack of quality. Nonetheless, we don’t all have endless pots of money! The best thing to do is look for a company with a good sales section. You will be able to purchase last season’s equipment at cut rates.
  • Reputation – In addition to the points that have already been mentioned, it is also advisable to read reviews that have been left by previous customers. This is the best way to get an honest insight into the level of quality provided by the company. Were the products as they had hoped? Was the company easy to deal with? How long did it take for the products to be delivered? If the company has a bad reputation, this is something you should easily be able to pick up on.

What about playing the goalie position?

Hockey is a game with two teams trying to score against each other. The puck used in this game is hard and can inflict serious injuries on the goalie. For this cause, the goalie must have the right equipment. Finding the right hockey equipment for a goalie is very important. This equipment is readily available in shops that specialize in the sale of sports gear and particularly hockey equipment.

Proper-fitting hockey equipment is important as it not only protects the goalie from harm but also allows him to carry out his tasks with ease and accuracy. The goalie equipment bought by a team must be designed to afford protection and performance. Below, we are going to take a look at the equipment you need to buy above and beyond the usual. Don’t forget to consider your conditions too. For instance, prescription sunglasses are important if you’re playing in the sun.

Goalie pads

The goalie usually wears two kinds of pads, i.e. the leg pad and the chest pad. The pads are made of foam interior and an exterior of synthetic leather. The leg pad protects the leg from the impact of a speeding rubber puck shot at the goalie. The leg pad chosen must fit the goalie’s leg size. The pad must be comfortable and must allow easy movement for the goalie. The chest pad serves to protect the chest and heart areas against the impact of the speeding puck. The chest protector is made of nylon and foam and has a spine protector at the backside.


The goalie’s gloves are normally of two types; the blocker and the catcher. The blocker is worn on the non-stick hand and is designed for blocking and defecting pucks shot at the goalie. The catcher is worn on the stick hand and is used to catch shots directed to the goal post.

 Goalie’s mask and helmet

The masks worn by goalies come in an array of styles. The style chosen by a goalie primarily depends on the goalie’s taste and preference. The mask chosen must provide comfort and superior protection. The composite wire mesh included in the mask allows for peripheral viewing while at the same time offering protection to the goalie. The helmet is made from hard-shell plastic. These are worn on the head for protection. The helmets have adjustable padding that can be adjusted by the goalie for better fit. An adult medium or large helmet normally fits on the head of many teenage or adult goalies.

 Goalie Stick

The goalie stick comes in a variety of lengths. The sticks are larger and heavier that the normal sticks used by the other hockey players. The goalie’s stick has a much wider blade and a wide paddle area. The paddle can be as long as 25 inches with a blade measuring 16 inches.

 Goalie skates

The goalie skate is composed of two parts i.e. the blade and the boot. The boot is made from a combination of leather and some synthetic material. This ensures that the boots manufactured will be long lasting and will afford maximum performance. The blades maintain contact with the ice and allow mobility to the goalie.

March 3, 2020

5 Magic Ways to Create a Memorable Wedding Day

You have reached that golden age where everybody in your life seems to be getting married. Every other weekend there is a wedding to attend and now you’re even planning your own! You want to host a wedding that your guests will never forget. It helps that you have been to so many weddings in the recent months as you know exactly what you do and do not want. If you’re hoping to create a magic and memorable wedding day for your guests, consider some of the following ideas.

1. A Wonderful Venue

First impressions really matter when it comes to weddings. If you want your big day to be memorable you need to wow your guests from the moment they see your venue. You can learn more here about stunning venues that are local to where you live. Whether you’re looking for a venue bursting with history or a jaw dropping destination that sparks intrigue and inspiration, there are so many ways in which you can make your big day super memorable

2. The Right Bridal Party

Ultimately, you want to spend your wedding day with the people who make you truly happy. If you don’t feel completely comfortable with who you’re spending the day with, then you definitely need to make some reconsiderations. Choose your bridesmaids, best man and groomsmen carefully, so that you know that they will be fully supportive on your big day. Sometimes the friends you always thought would be by your side are the ones that might need to take a step back.

3. An Outstanding Photographer

Your wedding photos are something that you will hold onto forever and ever. Without an outstanding photographer you may not have those cherished memories. If you’re going to spend on things on your wedding it would definitely be on a high quality and reputable photographer who specialises in weddings.

4. Singing Waiters

This is one sure fire way to bring a smile to your wedding guests’ faces. Surprise singing waiters during your wedding breakfast will make for such a memorable day for everyone. The moment they burst into song will definitely be one you hold onto forever.

5. Relax and Enjoy The Moment

When you have the ability to relax on your wedding day, it will become so much more memorable for you. Take your time in planning every important detail and figure out what is most important to you and your partner. When you allow yourself to step back and soak in the moment, you will start to appreciate it so much more.

So instead of hosting a wedding that is just like everybody else’s why not make it a little bit different? Add your own unique twist, take a step back to really soak in the day and choose the right people to celebrate with. Some of the ideas mentioned above might seem obvious to you, but many brides and grooms often forget about these important details. Enjoy every moment of planning your wedding and be sure to make decisions that make you truly happy.

February 25, 2020

How To Set a Realistic Budget For An Engagement Ring

If you’re thinking about popping the question in the near-future, you’ll want to start to think about how much you’re going to spend on the engagement ring.

One of the main factors you’ll need to consider in your proposal plans, the price of the ring that you purchase will very much depend on how much you can realistically afford and how much you’re comfortable paying for it.

Everyone is different. And while some people might still have the traditional mindset of it being two-three months of your paycheck, others will buy an engagement ring that goes beyond that or less than that.

So how do you set a budget that won’t break the bank? Here are some tips that you can use:


Look At Different Rings 


When you’re trying to set a budget, spend some time looking at various rings online or in store. This will give you a good indication of how much they cost and how much you’ll want to save in advance of buying it. It’s good not to go into the store blind sighted and to buy the first ring that you see.

You want to take your time and compare various styles, cuts, colors, etc. before taking the leap. For example, when looking at the diamonds, you need to know that 3 carat diamonds will undeniably be more expensive than a 1 carat or less diamond due to the weight and quality of it.


Think About Your Long Term Finances


Buying an engagement ring is a huge step to take – both emotionally and financially. And although you might feel emotionally ready to take on the commitment, you might not be fully prepared for the expense of it. Even though you might have the initial money for the ring, you’ll want to think about the long term costs associated with the decision.

You and your partner might want to get married not long after you’ve proposed. Therefore, you’ll want to factor in how much you have to save for the wedding, honeymoon, etc. Even if this isn’t in the cards straight away, you don’t want to buy an engagement ring that will cripple your finances so you don’t have the money to spend on other things (or the wedding) in the future.


Consider Where You’ll Get The Money From 


Before committing to buying the ring, you need to think about where you’ll get the money from. You might initially consider borrowing the money in the form of a loan, but this could prove to be a mistake down the line when you can’t afford the repayments.

In this case, saving the money for the ring is perhaps the better option. Of course, if money isn’t necessarily an issue, the financial implications of purchasing a ring might not be a worry for you. But if it is, it’s vital that you sit down and work out the source of it before you set your heart on one.


Create a Timeline 


When you know how much you want to spend, create a timeline for yourself. This will help you to budget out the costs and save more effectively so it isn’t a huge investment all at once. This will also help to quantify the purchase and take away some of the stress from the process.

January 31, 2020

People Don’t Like Their Jobs And Its Causing Misery For Both Workers And Business

In an ideal world, people would get out of bed in the morning with a spring in their step, knowing that they have a bright and sunny day ahead of them, doing what they want to do. Unfortunately, that’s not the reality. For most people, jobs are something that they have to do to get money. They’re not always living their best life possible.

That’s why employers have to be so careful when managing their employees. It’s not enough to line people up, tell them what to do, and then leave them to get on with it. People need to feel as if they individually make a difference. If they don’t, it’s a recipe for dissatisfaction and disengagement.

Right now, we’re living through something of a job malaise epidemic. Data suggest that only around 29 percent of millennials are actively engaged in the work that they do, with baby boomers and generation X not far in front.

People are miserable for a wide variety of reasons, including things like finding work boring and worrying about job security. Around three quarters don’t like the fact that management doesn’t seem particularly interested in what they’re doing.

The costs to businesses are high. When people don’t like their work, they’re less likely to put in the effort and more likely to take time off.

If you’re interested in job satisfaction, take a look at the following infographic. It shows not only the data on why people don’t like their work but what employers can do to turn the problem around.

Infographic by University of Southern California

January 22, 2020

5 Ways to Chronicle Your Travels

Chronicling your travels is one of the best ways to share your journey or to simply process it all in your own mind. There are many ways of doing it though. If you’re looking for a way to chronicle your journey but you’re not sure which options are out there or which one is right for you, you’re in the right place. The 5 ideas discussed below all offer fantastic ways of tracking, sharing and immortalising your travels, so read on to learn more.

  1. Start a Blog

Starting a blog is a fun and flexible way to chronicle your travel experiences. It’s essentially a modern and open version of a travel journal. You can go in-depth when writing about your travel experiences and use it like you would a diary. You can also post photos and build a following by sharing your posts on social media if you think there’s an audience for what you’re writing.

  1. Go Analog and Catalogue Your Photos

We all take photos these days because we all have cameras that offer decent quality built into our phones. However, not everyone uses film and takes photos the old-fashioned way. You can have them printed and then keep them in an album. It’s a nice physical way to track your travels and you don’t get that with photos on your phone.

  1. Chronicle it All on Social Media

If the analog way is not for you and you’re more into doing things the modern way. Social media is a great tool for chronicling your travels, Instagram is particularly good for this kind of thing. Obviously, it’s entirely image-focused, allowing you to share snapshots from your travels, while also offering you space to write captions as well. It could be just what you’re looking for.

  1. Start Scrapbooking

More and more people are turning to scrapbooking to chronicle their travels, and it’s certainly an option you should consider too. All you need is some good scrapbook paper and your own creativity and you’re ready to get started on your scrapbooking journey. You can take whatever approach you want to take and that’s what’s so great about it.

  1. Collect a Momento from Each Place You Visit

Another simple and straightforward way of chronicling and memorialising your travels is to collect a momento from each and every place you visit. Whether it’s a postcard that you send home to yourself or a magnet or whatever else you might find, you should try to find something that’ll always remind you of the places you visited.

When you travel the world, you want to share it and you want to remember it all for years and decades to come. That’s why we all have that urge to chronicle our travels in one way or another. Hopefully at least one of the ideas above will work for you as you embark on your travels.